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The Lunaescence Archives is a small online library dedicated to quality stories. This site is intended to be a safe place for authors (like us) who have become disenchanted with the larger, open fiction archives.

Like many people, we don't like having to dig to find a good story. We also don't appreciate having stories that we put a great deal of effort into being buried under pages of badly-written, yet popular, stories.

Due to these complaints, we have chosen to moderate submissions for spelling, punctuation, and grammar and not for the actual content of the story.


A Brief History

We opened our first Web site back in January of 1999, which was fan-page for the anime Yoroiden: Samurai Troopers and its North American version called Ronin Warriors. We called it "The Ronin Dungeon" and offered a little bit of everything concerning this anime including fan fiction, fan art, information, and links. Unfortunately, time constraints eventually led to an extended hiatus in 2003 and permanent closure in early 2004.

Shortly after that Web site went on hiatus, we purchased -- though it didn't reach it's current incarnation until mid- 2004.

We opened submissions to this site shortly after stopped allowing adult stories and deleted the accounts of anyone who wrote adult stories. Since many of our favorite authors and friends had their accounts deleted, we offered our site as an alternative.


About the Domain

Host: Site5
Registrar: Network Solutions

Lunaescence was registered 19 May, 2003 and uses a heavily modified version of the eFiction script to house our growing library of fiction. The name "Lunaescence" is actually a play on words between our dog's name, Luna, and the word "Luminescence." We combined the two, which gave us Lunaescence. ^_^

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