"Hollow World" by Kokoa
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Description: Rules: You must create an Inner Hollow version of an existing Shinigami. Inner Hollow means what Hichigo is to Ichigo. You must provide a brief story along with the description accurately describing your Inner Hollow's day(s). The most creative and intriguing Inner Hollow wins!

Requirements: Here is the skeleton for the Inner Hollow's bio. (The first thing you must include. Please do not skip over any of these categories, no matter how silly they seem. The more creative you are, the more points you'll get.)
Name: [Please make this something close to the original Shinigami's name. For this skeleton, I will be using Hichigo as an example: "Ichigo Kurosaki = Hichigo Shirosaki."]
Appearance: [This should include a detailed description of the outward appearance of the Inner Hollow: "Paper-white skin; not translucent, however. Narrow, predatory golden eyes with tar-black whites. Wild, spikey white hair, just a touch more toned than his skin. A blue tongue, suggesting blue blood. A manic grin is worn on his face around 70% of the time. Skinny, lanky, and doesn't look too muscular in the least bit."]
Personality: [Try not to make this too different from the original Shinigami's persona. "Psychotic and stubborn. Willing to fight until the end; perhaps a bit too willing. Quick and sarcastic, witty and wild."]
Abilities: [No god-modding, thank you. "Lightning-fast, unpredictable and strong. Can most likely easily overpower a captain."]
Bad-points: [Every character must have bad points. Here is where you must put their weaknesses and downfalls. "Doesn't tend to think before he acts. Chooses brute strength over brains. Only fights for himself."]

Deadline: June 3rd.

Posted: 03/17/10 | Deadline: None

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