"20 Songs That'll Get Stuck in Your Head." by RoseWilkie
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Description: So, my challenge is to write oneshots, drabbles, fics, or whatever about 20 songs that may or may not be popular, and get stuck in your head easily. [Well, they get stuck in my head easily anyways..]

1. any genre's good; it's all about your strengths.
2. interpret the song how you see it; no one see's everything the same as another.
3. if you don't like a song.. skip it. [but, it'd be nice if you didn't!]
4. Reader Insert is nice, but you can do whatever.
5. no MPREG. just saying..
6. the songs don't have to be in order.
7. HAVE FUN. i mean it; i pity the fool who doesn't have fun writing.

- This Shit Getz Old by Never Shout Never
- Feeling This by Blink-182
- You're Gonna Go Far Kid by The Offspring
- Animals by Nickelback
- Check Yes Juliet by We The Kings
- Cherry Pie by Warrant
- Kick In the Teeth by Papa Roach
- We're Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister
- Sub-Mission by The Sex Pistols
- I Love You 5 by Never Shout Never
- Shut Up by Blink-182
- Kickstart My Heart by Mötley Crüe
- El Urgencia by Hollywood Undead
- First Date by Blink-182
- The Fourth Drink Instinct by Cute Is What We Aim For
- With Me by Sum 41
- Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) by The Offspring
- Stupid Girl (Only In Hollywood) by Saving Abel
- Lost In You by Three Days Grace
- The Rock Show by Blink-182


Posted: 01/24/11 | Deadline: None

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