"5 Stages of a SuperNova" by SilverTears14
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Description: Any Character you choose but can only be 1 chacacter the reader/other character falls for.
Here are the stages

(Stage 1) Just Before the explosion: Slowly deveploing the feelings as they expand.

(Stage 2) The First Light Flashes: Getting confused of the feelings and slowly understanding what they mean.

(Stage 3) The Flash is Gone: Understands the feelings and desides what to do, tell or not to tell.

(Stage 4) The Proper Supernova: Desicion is made, she/he tell the person they love how they feels.

(Stage 5 {Final}) A Long Time After: Shows how things turned out for the couple as time passed.

You can make them short, medium lenght, long or really LONG! It's up to you how many words you want to use to make the 5 stages of a Supernova. I tried my best to connect the 5 stages of a star's life in a challenge, how is love equivalent to a Supernova which is when a star DIES. Well it is because a Supernova builds and builds until it is unleashed just like love. Now to help in a way the REAL stages of a Supernova.

Stage 1: A red super-giant star approaches the end of its life. There is no more fuel to burn and make it shine. Soon its massive dense core is bound to collapse under its own weight.

Stage 2: The core collapses and sends a shock wave out. For a few hours the shock compresses and heats the envelope, thus producing a very bright flash of light from the inside of the star.

Stage 3: After hitting the surface at 50 million km/h the shock blows the star apart. The
core turns into a neutron star, a compact atomic nucleus with the mass of the Sun but 10 km in size.

Stage 4: The hot glowing surface expands quickly making the fireball brighter again.
In a few days it will be 10x the size of the original star and will be discovered by supernova hunters.

Stage 5 (Final): The remains of the former star are spread over light years of space. They keep floating quickly, sweeping up interstellar gas here and there, leaving a faint beautiful glow behindů

*Nods head* there you have it the way your suppose to write them and the REAL Supernovas to give a little hint on how to write them, this is my first challenge so don't throw things at me. Take the 5 Stages of a Supernova challenge NOW!!! It won't be a dissapointment, just have funn and unleash your ideas!!

Posted: 03/09/11 | Deadline: None

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