"Am,Somewhat,School related challenge...." by Silvermoon138
Categories: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Characters: Original Character(s), Reader, Various

Description: Excuse my lack of being able to come up with titles that make sense or are even remotely interesting.
There isn't any rules really,Even if there are any characters not mentioned on this 'example list' or 'idea list' here same with the role the character (or any character really) has.
There isn't any requirements,Although i would like of you to do the ones below the character and mentioned roles atleast once,You can do more than one 'role' for each character if you want.
There is NO deadline.
But the roles have to be relative to school and or some form of educational role,An school councilor even if you find a character fitting for that role...
There is no specific 'story type' the roles could be parody/humour based if you want (For example read some on the 'example list'),If you wanted you could put pairings in it,Your choice.
Just because a character appears as an 'student' in one chapter of the story set does not mean they cant be a teacher in a different character/prompt.
I would like of you to complete all on the 'example list' but you can feel free to make up prompts for characters mentioned or not mentioned too,So if you wished you could do a character/prompt for each character,You can use each prompt more than once if you wish,Same with characters.
It does not have to be a 'reader insert' but you can make some (or all if you wish) an reader insert chapter,Either student and or teacher.
Some of the prompts were inspired by an friend on MSN,But the majority of them i came up with on my own accord. (if i ever find out her penname on here,If she even has a Luna account,If i can edit this i will replace this with a 'credit for some of the ideas' thing)
If i haven't mentioned beforehand,you can use characters and prompts that don't appear on the examples list
I also have no idea if there are any challenges of a similar sort out there but if there are..Well then lets just hope this one has some different listed prompts than the others.
Example Prompt/Character List:

Byakuran - Gardening/Gardenworks Teacher

Hibari - English or Disciplinary (just head of the Disciplinary department,Detention and stuff like that) or Social skills and or Cooking teacher

Yamamoto PE/Sport

Ryohei - Dance/Ballet

Gokudera - Health or Science or Maths

Reborn - Sport/PE or English

Mukuro - School Physiologist/Councilor/Therapist

As ive said earlier this is just basically an example list,I would like you to do one for each prompt.
You can use prompts more than once (you can use them several times if you wish).
You can use characters more than once.
You can use prompts that aren't mentioned here (but it has to be of some 'school related' relevancy,Primary school,Highschool,College,University ect. )
...And i think that's all that needs to be mentioned,It will,However,Be interesting to see what people come up with.

Posted: 03/19/11 | Deadline: None

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