"Caught Cheating?!!" by TiariaKaiba1
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Description: the contest is reader or character caught cheating or being the one cheated on goes from there..... This might get a tad confusing. ..maybe . Here s
what I m gonna do for yah:
First Place Prizes : 6 Requests , 10 Ficlets, and 3
Oneshots/ 3 Chapter Short Story
Second Place Prizes : 4 Requests , 5 Ficlets, 1
Third Place Prizes: 1 Request, 5 Ficlets, 1 Oneshot
Bonus: 1 Request
Extra Bonus : Set of 6 Drabbles
[Key: Request > Lemon , Oneshot, Baby Daddy, or
Set of 5 Drabbles ]
[ Key: Ficlet > Slightly longer than a Drabble]
If you re on Quizilla or anything else.... publish information for each
Request, Ficlet , and Oneshot and send me the link .
If you use Email , just send me your info that way .
As long as I get it im on LJ as Tiaria Kaiba aswell have trouble let me know :)!!
You can manipulate each Request however you
want . Give me prompts or not , use the same
characters twice or three times if you feel like it . Its completely personalized , so go wild! Either use
one OC for the Requests , or use a bunch of them .
Oh, and one more thing : only use the list of
animes from the Contest, cause those are all I
write for . ... And try to make it interesting for moi,
hmm ? XD Send me your info ~!!
** It s gonna take me a while to finish writing ALL
the Prizes, so please be patient and wait until I
message you to tell you I m finished. I m pretty
good about getting things done ~
Anime / Books:
*Durarara!!*(I love Izaya!)
*+ Anima *
* D . Gray- Man*
D .N . Angel
*Death Note *
* Fruits Basket *
Full Metal Alchemist
* Hetalia*
*Kyo Kara Maoh! *
Me and My Brothers
* Naruto*
Ouran High School Host Club
Vampire Knight.
*Will make writer abundantly happy if chosen just
saying . * grins *
For each winner to fill out and send in:
Request and Oneshot Info
Appearance :
Personality :
Likes/ Dislikes :
Friends /Enemies :
Type of Request :
Character you Want :
Any Added Info : ( If fighting anime is chosen , give
me fighting skills , weapon , race , etc . If Hetalia, give
me OC Country, etc. )
Prompt : Optional
Ficlet Info
Appearance :
Personality :
Ficlet Prompt : Optional
Ficlet Genre :
Character you want :
Fandom :
(don't worry Im a good writer made this page to write just for you :) haven't had time to post anything I wrote sorry but I will post winners request :3)

Posted: 08/11/11 | Deadline: None

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