"one of these days" by meliway1530
Categories: Yu Yu Hakusho
Characters: Hiei

Description: This is a yu yu hakusho fanfic, i would the main character to fall in love with hiei.her name is amanda but she goes by her code name yume due to her gift. She has the abilty to go into people's dreams and gather as much information as needed to solve a case. she is 20 years old and shes real small for her age, she is 4ft 9in. Due to this she gets picked on by demons which gets her mad and fights even harder.Her choice of weapon is a bow and arrow. She may still be a apprentice under koenma but she has a great amount of spirit energy. Koenma gave her a concentration bow that makes her powers higher than they should be. When the demons were getting too easy for her back home koenma relocates her and makes a new team mate with the yusuke and the gang.

Yume's personalty is very kind and outgoing, Shes very protective and loyal and enjoys raiseing others self esteem. Shes understanding and loves helping out others who need help.She also has a very dark and agressive side to her, she tends to hide that half real well for the most part. That side to her wont pop out unless shes real upet bout something. Since she grew up with brothers and guy cousins she can be a little tomboyish.
She loves horror movies and enjoys all the little love scenes in them. She sometimes dreams that one day she can find a guy who will alway protect her untill the end.
At first when hiei meets yume he fall for her due to his jagan eye looking inside the girl and loving everything bout her.Hiei will tend protect her in every battle making sure she doesnt get hurt. On the other hand yume doesnt really like hiei because he's kinda mean to her, but she wants to find out why hes that way and what makes him tick. Also she wants to find out why he wont let fight properly.Three months later she falls for him. three more months later they become a couple.
Onward to the main point, before hiei meets yume he just broke up with mukuro a couple of months before yume came along. Mukuro doesnt take this break up too well and when she finds months later hiei has fallen for a young human girl she gets jeleous and plots to kill the gang. If she cant have hiei then no one can.
The last battle will be hiei vs mukuro and yume in the sidelines. After hiei gets badly wounded, yume jumps to finsh the fight and wins. She saves the day and wins her man and saves all of her friends.

Posted: 01/24/12 | Deadline: None

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