"×3OH!3 [cнallenge]" by ladylokii
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Description: Being a pretty big fan of 3OH!3, I'm setting a challenge of a series of ficlets/one-shots based on various songs by them.

• rυleѕ
-You can choose characters of whatever you like from whatever series, film, game you want - you can also create original characters and use those if you'd like! Whatever you feel comfortable writing.
-The fics must be reader insert - let's make it fun for readers, too eh?
-Each piece of writing for each song must be at least 100 words.
-You can use the songs in any order and you must use at least 5 of them.
-Each song you choose can have a different pairing/series/genre etc. Mix it up :')
-HAVE FUN and write what the hell you feel comfortable writing ;)

• тнe ѕongѕ
-Holler 'til You Pass Out
-Neatfreak 47
-Dance with Me
-Don't Dance
-Say'dem Up
-Dragon Backpack
-I'm Not Comin' to Your Party Girl
-Don't Trust Me
-I'm Not Your Boyfriend, Baby
-I Can Do It Alone
-Still Around
-Colorado Sunrise
-I Can Do Anything
-My First Kiss
-Déjà Vu
-We Are Young
-Touchin' On My
-House Party
-I Know How To Say
-Double Vision
-I'm Not the One
-Streets of Gold
-See You Go
-Love 2012

• вrιвeѕ...
-I'm Not Your Boyfriend, Baby
-My First Kiss
-Don't Trust Me
{with a little bit of reader/Moriarty, reader/Sherlock, reader/Lestrade}

E n j o y ♪

Posted: 03/23/12 | Deadline: None

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