"I Will Follow You Into The Dark" by The-Dove-And-The-Crow
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This Challange is inspired by "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" By Death Cab For Cutie, pretty much just listen to the song and write what you think it is about but there are some limitations:

1) It cannot be over 20 chapters (If you write in chapters) or if you like to write one shots it has to be MORE than 400 words.
2) It can be in any POV you want, although be sure to include a lot of details if you write in first person
3)It has to be angst filled XD The song itself is sorta sad and sweet so it can have angst but be more borderline sweet.
4)If you are writing about an anime or manga please, in the description, state which anime or manga it is...I get easily confused with ones like this...alsotry to write one for a lesser known anime or manga :)
5)Have fun writing
6)The only dead line is the end of the month.

Oh some rules to follow:

1)Please have fun
2)You don't have to like the song, listen to the lyrics and interpret them in any way you want, it can even be a song fic
3)You must also be able to clearly give your opinion of what the song means through a character of some sort.

Other than that please have fun :) I would love to read the stories, if any, for this challange.

Posted: 04/06/12 | Deadline: None

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