"The King of the Green" by NHunter
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This is "Naruto" / "C&C Tiberian Sun" crossover challenge

>>> background info: In one of the caves/underground complexes around Konoha, young Naruto finds a glass ball with strange green crystals in it. And since the young jinchuuriki wasn't careful, the ball broke, letting the crystals attack to his body. Thanks to the Kyuubi, Naruto survives his fusion with the last of Ichor/Tiberium on the Earth and even gains something akin Shoton/Crytal release elemental bloodline.
>>> rules:
> Ichor/Tiberium should be semi-conscious or at least controllable in this story: when wielded by Naruto, it will damage on contact only those, whom Naruto acknowledges as his enemies. Ichor/Tiberium also doesn't spread around uncontrollably. All of the Tiberium life-form mentioned in the story should not be helping spreading the crystals around.
> Naruto can be paired with pretty much any female from "Naruto" universe as long as their ages aren't too much different. Sakura, Karin and Hinata are discouraged. Rare pairings and Gender Bender pairings (e.g. female Sasuke) are encouraged. Harems are accepted.
> Naruto shall have his personal house in a 'Red zone' environment
> Naruto should be darker, smarter and more skilled than in canon. He also must have Ichor/Tiberium based variation of Shoton/Crystal release bloodline. He may also possess canon Uzumaki predisposition towards fuuinjutsu. No other bloodlines for Naruto are allowed.
> No true firearms should be used by Naruto or anybody else in the story
> Tacitus must make at least an appearance in the story
> Your story must have a solid plot and be at least 35 000 words when completed

Posted: 06/05/12 | Deadline: None

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