"We Loves Bagginses!" by LadyTigeress
Categories: Lord of the Rings
Characters: Reader

Description: Since I feel like Frodo and Bilbo don't get nearly enough love as they should, I would like to see someone make either a one-shot, one-shot booklet, or full-length with either Frodo or Bilbo. If you love these two just as much as me and would like to do this challenge, please read the rules below.

-There is to be no yaoi, yuri, or incest. No exceptions.
-Movie verse only, please.
-If you want to make a booklet, you can put both Frodo and Bilbo into it, if you wish.
-Any rating is welcome, so make it as sweet or as hot as you like.
-The booklet and full-length can be as long as you want.
-No drabbles! The minimum word count is 300.
-And to make it a bit of a challenge, if you make the reader a human, don't always make her short. Show us that size doesn't matter!
-The reader can be any race, except orc, goblin, troll, and Uruk-hai.
-Have fun!

Come on, folks, let's show some appreciation for those adorable hobbits!

Posted: 06/18/13 | Deadline: None

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