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Description: This is my first time issuing a challenge since I never gotten a chance to post anything because of school and looking for college classes online. So, I'm starting up a challenge!

1. Reader-Insert only
2. One-shots or Stories are allowed~
3.Forced Lemons (like rape) are allowed
4. Please use proper grammar and spelling so I could understand! I understand that English isn't your first language, but spelling check might be helpful!
5. Please do not write in one big paragraph. It is really hard for me to read and is quite frustrating. Please use paragraphs!
6. The genre can be horror or anything~
7. If you plan to do this challenge, please send me a message at so I will know!

I want to see characters like:

1. Suigetsu Hozuki (I only seen him in little bit of fanfiction and I'm a huge fan of him! TAT)
2. Sasuke Uchiha
3. Naruto Uzumaki
4. Kiba Inuzuka
5. Juugo
6. Itachi Uchiha
7. Tobi
8. Deidara
9. Kisame Hoshigaki
10. Hidan

If you do one them, I will love you! ;A;

Posted: 09/03/13 | Deadline: None

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