"Poetry Quote Challenge! Robert Frost Edition!" by Cousin_of_a_Serial_Killer
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Description: I love Robert Frost so much. I was reading his poems, and I formed a collection of a bunch of quotes. I thought they would make good writing prompts.

~ You definitely don't have to use all of the quotes. Use as many as you want.
~ You can interpret the quotes however you'd like.
~ You can use any fandom and any characters.
~ Reader inserts and OCs are allowed.
~ Any and all pairings are allowed. This includes yaoi and yuri.
~ Any rating.
~ Say somewhere in your summary that your story is a response to this challenge.

The "/" between the words indicate the end of each line, for those of you who don't know. It just saved space writing them this way
Instead of
Like this
You know?

1. “And of course there must be something wrong / In wanting to silence any song.”
2. “It's got so I don't even know for sure / Whether I am glad, sorry, or anything. / There's nothing but a voice-like left inside / That seems to tell me how I ought to feel, / And would feel if I wasn't all gone wrong.”
3. “He looks on the bright side of everything, / Including me. He thinks I'll be all right. . .”
4. “I lain awake thinking of you, I’ll warrant, / More than you have yourself, some of these nights.”
5. “The most you can do / Is set me back a little more behind. / I sha’n’t catch up in this world, anyway.”
6. “I’d rather you’d not go unless you must.”
7. “It melted, and I let it fall and break. / But I was well / Upon my way to sleep before it fell, / And I could tell / What form my dreaming was about to take.”
8. “A light he was to no one but himself. . .”
9. “So we must join hands in the dew coming coldly / There in the hush of the wood that reposes, / And turn and go up to the open door boldly, / And knock to the echoes as beggars for roses.”
10. “Summer was past and the day was past. / Sombre clouds in the west were massed. / Out on the porch's sagging floor, / Leaves got up in a coil and hissed, / Blindly struck at my knee and missed.”
11. “Something sinister in the tone / Told me my secret must be known. . .”
12. “I'm a poor underdog, / But to-night I will bark / With the great Overdog / That romps through the dark.”
13. “The last of the light of the sun / That had died in the west / Still lived for one song more / In a thrush's breast.”
14. “But no, I was out for stars; / I would not come in. / I meant not even if asked; / And I hadn't been.”
15. “No one stands round to stare. / It is nobody else's affair. / It couldn't be called ungentle, / But how thoroughly departmental.”
16. “The way a crow / Shook down on me / The dust of snow / From a hemlock tree / Has given my heart / A change of mood / And saved some part / Of a day I had rued.”
17. “Some say the world will end in fire, / Some say in ice. / From what I've tasted of desire / I hold with those who favor fire. / But if it had to perish twice, / I think I know enough of hate / To say that for destruction ice / Is also great / And would suffice.”
18. “I dwell with a strangely aching heart / In that vanished abode there far apart / On that disused and forgotten road. . .”
19. “Those stones out under the low-limbed tree / Doubtless bear names that the mosses mar.”
20. “And mankind saw the bright flowers, / That, glitt'ring in the sun, / Quite hid the thorns of av'rice / That poison blood and bone; / And far off many wandered, / And when life's night came on, / They still were seeking gold flowers, / Lost, helpless and alone.”
21. “O, cease to heed the glamour / That blinds your foolish eyes, / Look upward to the glitter / Of stars in God's clear skies.”
22. “We ran as if to meet the moon / That slowly dawned behind the trees. . .”
23. “This saying good-bye on the edge of the dark. . . I have to be gone for a season or so.”
24. “Was there even a cause too lost, / Ever a cause that was lost too long . . . ?”
25. “The verses in it say and say: / ‘The ones who living come today / To read the stones and go away / Tomorrow dead will come to stay.’ ”
26. “Men hate to die / And have stopped dying now forever.”
27. “I do not see why I should e'er turn back, / Or those should not set forth upon my track / To overtake me, who should miss me here / And long to know if still I held them dear.”
28. “And then we were vouchsafed a miracle / That never yet to other two befell / And I alone of us have lived to tell.”
29. “He asked with the eyes more than the lips / For a shelter for the night, / And he turned and looked at the road afar / Without a window light.”
30. “We keep the wall between us as we go.”
31. “My apple trees will never get across / And eat the cones under his pines, I tell him. / He only says, ‘Good fences make good neighbours.’ ”
32. “Save only me; / There is none left to mourn thee. . .”
33. “My Sorrow, when she's here with me, / Thinks these dark days of autumn rain / Are beautiful as days can be. . .”
34. “The desolate, deserted trees, / The faded earth, the heavy sky, / The beauties she so truly sees, / She thinks I have no eye for these, / And vexes me for reason why.”
35. “Be that as may be, she was in their song.”
36. “ ‘Enough,’ / Yet not enough. A bullet through and through. . .”
37. “She dared no more than ask him with her eyes / How was it with him for a second trial. / And with his eyes he asked her not to ask. / They had given him back to her, but not to keep.”
38. “We may as well go patiently on with our life, / And look elsewhere than to stars and moon and sun / For the shocks and changes we need to keep us sane.”
39. “The calm seems certainly safe to last to-night.”
40. “They listened at his heart. / Little - less - nothing! - and that ended it. / No more to build on there. And they, since they / Were not the one dead, turned to their affairs.”
41. “Die early and avoid the fate.”
42. “If need be occupy a throne, / Where nobody can call you crone.”
43. “What worked for them might work for you. / No memory of having starred / Atones for later disregard / Or keeps the end from being hard.”
44. “Better to go down dignified / With boughten friendship at your side / Than none at all.”
45. “You come fetch me from my work to-night / When supper’s on the table. . .”
46. “Never have I been glad or sad / That there was such a thing as bad. / There had to be, I understood, / For there to have been any good.”
47. “But oh, the agitated heart / Till someone finds us really out.”
48. “But I recognized death / With sorrow and dread, / And I hated and hate / The spoils of the dead.”
49. “The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, / But I have promises to keep, / And miles to go before I sleep, / And miles to go before I sleep.”
50. “Man acts more like the poor bear in a cage, / That all day fights a nervous inward rage, / His mood rejecting all his mind suggests.”
51. “Why not sit down if you are in no haste? / These doorsteps seldom have a visitor.”
52. “Strange how such innocence gets its own way. / I shouldn't be surprised if in this world / It were the force that would at last prevail.”
53. “Such a phrase couldn’t have meant much to her.”
54. “And my flame made a pinnacle to heaven / As I walked once round it in possession.”
55. “Oh, but war’s not for children—it’s for men.”
56. “My dears, my dears, you thought that—we all thought it. / So your mistake was ours.”
57. “I said that nearly half an hour ago. / I said it to myself as much as you.”
58. “No one liked the boss. / He was one of the kind sports call a spider. . .”
59. “I'd like to get away from earth awhile / And then come back to it and begin over.”
60. “A miserable sight, and frightening, too-- / You needn't smile--I didn't recognise him-- / I wasn't looking for him--and he's changed.”
61. “I sympathise. I know just how it feels / To think of the right thing to say too late.”
62. “He thinks if he could teach him that, he'd be / Some good perhaps to someone in the world.”
63. “Home is the place where, when you have to go there, / They have to take you in.”
64. “You'll be surprised at him--how much he's broken.”
65. “We saw the risk we took in doing good, / But dared not spare to do the best we could / Though harm should come of it. . .”
66. “All this to prove we cared. Why is there then / No more to tell? We turned to other things.”
67. “ ‘You’re not to come,’ she said. ‘This is my business. / If the time’s come to face it, I’m the one / To put it the right way.’ ”
68. “But it’s nonsense to think he’d care enough.”
69. “You understand that we have to be careful. / This is very, very lonely place.”
70. “Something we were withholding made us weak / Until we found out that it was ourselves. . .”
71. “It was too lonely for her there, / And too wild. . .”
72. “She strayed so far she scarcely heard / When he called her-- / And didn’t answer--didn’t speak-- / Or return.”
73. “The birds that came to it through the air / At broken windows flew out and in, / Their murmur more like the sigh we sigh / From too much dwelling on what has been.”
74. “You, of course, are a rose - / But were always a rose.”
75. “We dance round in a ring and suppose, / But the Secret sits in the middle and knows.”
76. “If we who sight along it round the world, / See nothing worthy to have been its mark, / It is because like men we look too near, / Forgetting that as fitted to the sphere, / Our missiles always make too short an arc.”
77. “Well, all we said was / He took a strange thing to be roguish over.”
78. “I recollect a night of broken clouds / And underfoot snow melted down to ice, / And melting further in the wind to mud.”
79. “But he had gone his way . . . / And I must be, as he had been—alone, / ‘As all must be,’ I said within my heart, / ‘Whether they work together or apart.’ ”
80. “I meant, you meant, that nothing should remain / Unsaid between us, brother, and this remained-- / And one thing more that was not then to say: / The Victory for what it lost and gained.”
81. “I have seen you taken and tossed, / And if you have seen me when I slept, / You have seen me when I was taken and swept / And all but lost.”
82. “Why don’t you make some motion? / Or give some sign of life? Because you can’t. / I doubt if you’re as living as you look.”
83. “Only where love and need are one, / And the work is play for mortal stakes, / Is the deed ever really done / For Heaven and the future's sakes.”
84. “He was a winter wind, / Concerned with ice and snow, / Dead weeds and unmated birds, / And little of love could know.”

Posted: 11/28/13 | Deadline: None

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