"~*20 Day New Vocabulary Challenge.*~" by Tiamat
Categories: Miscellaneous
Characters: Reader, Various, You

Description: Challenge is, to write a drabble every day based on the definition of each word~!


-1 drabble a day
-In order of words
-Based on definition
-Any amount of words
-Reader-insert c:


Acquiescence - to accept without protest, to agree or submit.
Synonyms: comply with, accede, consent, yield
Antonyms: resist, protest

Allure - to entice, tempt, power to attract
Synonyms: beguile, tantalize
Antonyms: repel, turn off

Askew - twisted to one side, crooked, disapprovingly
Synonyms: awry, lopsided, cockeyed
Antonyms: straight, symmetrical

Blithe - cheerful, lighthearted, casual, unconcerned
Synonyms: carefree, nonchalant, indifferent
Antonyms: glum, morose, despondent, depressed

Contentious - quarrelsome, inclined to argue
Synonyms: argumentative, disputatious, combative
Antonyms: agreeable, amiable, affable, pacific

Covet - to desire something belonging to another
Synonyms: crave, yearn for, hunger for
Antonyms: disdain, scorn, despise

Crestfallen - discouraged, dejected, downcast
Synonyms: despondent, disconsolate
Antonyms: elated, cheerful, self-satisfied, cocky

Disheveled - rumpled, mussed, hanging in disorder
Synonyms: untidy, disarranged, tousled, unkempt
Antonyms: tidy, neat, orderly, well-groomed

Exponent - one who advocates, speaks for, explains, or interprets
Synonyms: defender, champion, interpreter
Antonyms: critic, adversary, faultfinder, detractor

Garrulous - given to much talking, tediously chatty
Synonyms: talkative, loquacious, long-winded
Antonyms: reticent, mum, taciturn, laconic, reserved

Insuperable - incapable of being overcome
Synonyms: invincible, insurmountable
Antonyms: surmountable, conquerable

Lamentable - to be regretted or pitied
Synonyms: deplorable, regrettable, distressing
Antonyms: praiseworthy, commendable, laudable

Misnomer - an unsuitable or misleading name
Synonyms: misnaming, malapropism

Profess - to affirm openly, to state belief in, to claim, pretend
Synonyms: assert, declare, proclaim, purport
Antonyms: disclaim, disavow, repudiate

Respite - a period of relief or rest
Synonyms: interval, intermission, lull, breather

Retribution - a repayment, a deserved punishment
Synonyms: recompense, requital, just deserts

Sinuous - winding, having many curves, lithe and flexible
Synonyms: twisting, convoluted, serpentine, supple
Antonyms: direct, straight, unbending, stiff, rigid

Sonorous - full, deep, or rich in sound, impressive in style
Synonyms: resonant, resounding, grandiloquent
Antonyms: tinny, reedy, harsh, grating

Vanguard - the foremost part of an army, the leading position in any field
Synonyms: forefront, cutting edge, trailblazers
Antonyms: rear guard, stragglers, laggards

Wastrel - a wasteful person, spendthrift, a good-for-nothing
Synonyms: loafer, idler, squanderer, profligate
Antonyms: skinflint, tightwad, miser

I will love anyone who writes for Magi, Kuroko no Basuke, or Fairy Tail~! But even if you donít, thatís fine! c:

Posted: 04/09/14 | Deadline: None

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