"Naruto (Itachi x You x Sasuke)" by DamnBlackHeart
Categories: Naruto
Characters: Various, You, Itachi, Sasuke

Description: Okay, I've been extremely bored and I want to read something that writers hardly writt about. It is disgusting but we can't denied that doesn't exist. And it is implied in Naruto that in clans such as Uchiha and Hyuga that it does happen.

Anyway, I want a complex story where a (Itachi) brother's feelings for his younger sister (You) starts to grow into something more forbidden. While the other (Sasuke) younger brother doesn't suspect anything...unless he's not a little kid. (Of course you'll have to establish how old they are.) However, his older sister is stuck in the middle, naive to the strange interest her older brother shows. But as time goes on, brothers aren't supposed to be sleeping in her bed with her.

You have free reign to do whatever you want for this challenge. But the reader must be the middle child. This can be serious, humorous (such as accidentally gropes and so on), ecchi, horror, lime, lemon and/or fluffy.

And to make it a bit easier for you guys. Itachi murdered everyone, when he was 13. So that makes Sasuke, 8 at the time. While the reader, being the second oldest, she would be 10. But you can make this AU, during that time, before Itachi murder everyone or way before or even a normal life...or something. You decide!

Posted: 07/12/08 | Deadline: None

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