"Musical Story" by wickedlysecret
Categories: Anime & Manga
Characters: You

Description: Write a story about anything you want, with anyone you want.
Here's the catch:
You have to include the lyrics from at least 25 songs
Now, you don't have to put the whole song. Obviously. That'd take up too much time and virtual paper (XD). But, just doing something along the lines of:
-She looked at the boy before her and glared. "I'm not here for your entertainment. You don't really want to mess with me tonight."- (Pink, U + Ur Hand)
See? Okay, so basically, make the lyrics into dialogue. Use any characters you want from any Anime you want. Reader inserts and original characters are welcome, too, but they can't outnumber the non-original ones. Any type of music is welcome. Rock, pop, rap, musicals, etc etc. Hell, you could use the songs from the Barbie movies if you want. (Yes. I'm 17, and I've seen every one made so far. My sister loves them.)
Final Requirements: underline, italicize, or bold the lyrics, and at the end, list the songs and who they're by in the order they appeared.
We cool? Yay. Start writing!
(PS: I plan on writing one of these, if you're confused at all.)

Posted: 09/28/08 | Deadline: None

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