"Drawn From A Hat" by Eleanora_Hoshi
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Description: This is something that I have stolen borrowed from Chibi Pierceye's thread on GaiaOnline.

Basically, you choose a series of games, anime, manga, books, or TV. Then you create a list of characters and write their names on small strips of paper. The papers should then be placed in a hat and drawn as pairs. This creates a challenge couple, or a challenge pairing. You must continue this process until all names have been drawn. The actual challenge begins after this point. You are required to write a one-shot fan-fic for each couple created by the luck of the draw. Some pairings may be easy, while others may prove to be much more difficult.

1. Choose a series or original story that you would like to write for. Anything and everything is usable by all.
2. Choose eight characters from your chosen series or original story. Write each character's name twice on little strips of paper. You should have 16 little papers.
3. Put all the papers into a hat (or whatever you want to use) and mix VERY well.
4. Draw the names in pairs. Write each couple down in a list until all names have been drawn. Your list should have eight couples or pairings.
(Note: You may redo this process up to three times, if you feel that some pairings are absolutely impossible to write for. Once you choose a final list, however, no changes may be made.)
5. Write a one-shot fic for each pairing on your list. Minimum of 500 words, but I'd love you forever if you made it 1000 or over.
6. Any rating is acceptable.
7. Have FUN!

I'll give you a [virtual] cookie if you use Bleach, Naruto, or Blood + characters. Two if you use Runefactory (Fantasy Harvest Moon) or The Queen's Knight characters.

Posted: 11/02/08 | Deadline: None

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