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Description: Welcome to the Naruto One-shot Challenge!!!

•All participants are required to make ONE One-shot! {Second One-shots will not be counted in the contest but I’ll be happy to read and evaluate them}
1.One-shot must be at least 500 words (Less than half a page) and can be up to 7,000 words (around 10 pages) {Note: Please do not send anything longer than 10 pages because it will take me to long to read}
2.One-shot can be OC, reader insert, yuri, yaoi, lemon; It doesn’t matter as long as ONE of the characters is from Naruto
3.One-shot’s are allowed to be x-over’s with other anime {Again all that is required is for one character to be from Naruto}
4.Please rate your One-shot according to what you believe it should be rated and add a disclaimer (for all Naruto related things) and a copyright so that people who read it on my account know it’s yours {Note: If you do not wish for your works to be posted on MY account please tell me and I’ll make sure to put the link}

Please be sure to check your grammar and spelling {Note: It’s simpler to write it out on Microsoft Word and then copy-paste it on Quizilla}

1.(Again) One-shot must contain at least ONE Naruto character
2.One-shot must be in Times New Roman 12-font (title may be in whatever style and size you want) {Note: This will make it so that it’s easier for all people to read}
3.(Please) Include a disclaimer and copyright (for your own good and is not required)
4.Include a Rate so that your and my readers can know what to expect {Note: I will not post it on MY account if you don’t want to}

1.The One-shots will be scored twice; First on a scale of 1-10 depending on wording, grammar, spelling {Microsoft Word}. And a second time on a scale of 1-5 depending on how I liked it.
2.Also I will tell you why your stories got that score and where, I think, you should improve.( If you wish me too)

1.First Place: Original and Sequel One-shot on your selected Naruto character with you or reader insert (your choice)
2.Second Place: One-shot on your selected Naruto character with you or reader insert (your choice)
3.Third Place: Drabble on your selected Naruto character with you or reader insert (your choice)
4.All other participants will receive a mentioning and (if your still gets a high score but did not win) an super-short drabble on your selected Naruto character with you or reader insert (your choice)

•How to Sign Up
All you have to do is fill out the following application; attach your one shot; send it to my email (; and wait…

Name (User name): ___________
Website Name: ___________
Naruto Character: ___________
Name of One-shot: ___________
Link to (your) account: ___________
Post on (my) account?: _(Yes)_(No)_

The Deadline: December 21, 2008

Thank You Brave one’s who sign up for this!
!!!GOOD LUCK!!!!

Posted: 11/10/08 | Deadline: None

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