"Clandestine Operations" by Hikou-chan
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Description: YOUR MISSION, SHOULD YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT IT: seven days of turk challenges. Open for reader-inserts, original characters, and canon casting.

The goal is to write a story including the seven missions listed as performed by a Turk of your choosing or creation. You may choose different characters for each mission or you may use the same character, similarly you may choose to write a series of oneshots or a continuous story. The situations are written for a post-AC timeline, but if you'd like to switch things around for different timeliens, you may. Subcategories ranging from humor, to romance, to horror are allowed, as well as any rating you feel comfortable working with.

The missions are as follows:

SABOTAGE. A rival company is out with the latest equipment, threatening Shinra's monopoly on the electric industry. Sneak into the storage facility and sabotage the equipment without being compromised.

SMUGGLING. Since meteor, Materia has been for the most part banned, but what's a Turk without a good spell or six? Meet a trafficker in Junon and make the pick-up for Shinra without being compromised.

ABDUCTION. A man in northern Rocket Town has struck oil--oil needed to keep a new, rebirthed and wobbly Shinra Inc on its feet--but he refuses to sell to the company. "Borrow" his six year old daughter until he sees things the Shinra way.

TORTURE. A member of a newly-founded rebel group has been brought in for "questioning." Make him talk any way you see fit.

GUARD. President Rufus Shinra is scheduled to open the latest division of the company this evening, but suspicious characters have been sighted and they appear to be armed. Remove the President from harm and neutralize the potential threats.

ASSASSINATION. The leader of a dissenting terrorist organization and the second in command have been located near the ruins of Mideel. Eliminate the targets without being compromised.

SUNDAY. Gold Saucer tickets are on the company card tonight. Enjoy the day off and try not to get into trouble, or let any of the other agents get into trouble for that matter.

Posted: 02/24/09 | Deadline: None

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