"DADDY?!" by Elsaa
Categories: Naruto
Characters: Other, Reader, Various, You

Description: Ahaha, I found a great story on FOSFF where Sasuke was the daddy!

This challenge includes:
*One of the naruto bishies being a daddy of the reader's child
**You having a child and know who the daddy is, but don't tell anyone unless they guess it right. . . but you make them swear not to tell
***Don't make it Orochimaru
****ANYTHING is welcomed, except incest, twincest, rape, and yaoi or yuri
*****It has to be romantic and the reader has to have a pairing at the end, preferably the father of the child
******Add some drama to it!
*******If the dad is NOT Sasuke, do not pair him with Sakura. Any one but her is fine. I love Sakura, but hello! Sasuke with Sakura, pink haired babies anyone?! No. Besides, I'm a little . . . possessive ^_^
********If you are returning to Konoha to live there. If your husband is Kankuro or Gaara, just pretend they're staying in the village for a while and they run into you. But you can move to Sunagakure if you are marrying one of them ^_^

Bonus if you include:
*Your child being a girl
**Your child/ren is a twin
***You don't name your child something Japanese
****If you somehow squeeze in a flashback that is good, just not in italics. I absolutely hate italicized flashbacks. I skip them ^_^U
*****The Akatsuki is allowed! Please feel free to use one of them
******If you are a part of the Akatsuki/ANBU/Something high up.
*******If it's multi-chaptered

That's all for this challenge! GO AND WRITE!!! ^_^

Posted: 03/16/09 | Deadline: None

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