"Fan Fiction request!!!!" by Byakko-chan
Categories: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy 7, Devil May Cry
Characters: Reader, You

Description: Drabbles are okay and good, but it seems like thatís what a good percentage of people are writing. Iím not complaining, I like them, I have my own drabble collection. But I also have a myriad of chaptered fics. Basically, I just think that thereís a lack of chaptered stories and I missíem.

Okay, so hereís my uhÖ Not exactly a challenge.

Can someone write a multi-chaptered romance fic with any one of the following characters:

Final Fantasy 7:

Rufus (Advent Children)

Devil May Cry:


Kingdom Hearts:



Just please make the chapters decent in length.

Reader-inserts please! (i.e. You walked up to VincentÖ)

Please donít choose a name or appearance.

Make romance the core theme please!

Other than those few things, you can have as much fun with it as you want. Can even be AU if you like. It doesnít have to be a long fic either. (although longer makes happier ^_^) It can be like three or something chapters. Basically, Iím issuing the challenge of writing a full chaptered fic.

Well??? Anyone???? Anyone???? *Puppy dog eyes*

Posted: 06/01/09 | Deadline: None

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