"Ion Fortuna Challenge" by Moriarty
Categories: Trinity Blood
Characters: Reader, Various, You

Description: Looking around on here and both, I've noticed there aren't many Ion fics, and even fewer are written really well. So I'm proposing a challenge, and here are the rules.
1.No main character Ocs. Ocs can be minor characters, but the main character must be the READER.
2.As stated above, this has to be a READER insert.
3.Minimum for chapters is 1000 words. 2000 and up is perferred.
4.Pairing must be ION. There can be side romances, but the reader must end up with ION.
5.Try to keep Ion in character. He's young, so he's a bit childish and can be a smart-ass. He's also a methusela, so he's not going to trust the reader right away.
6.The reader can be a methusela, but perferrably not.
8.The reader must have some sort of connection to Rozenkrutz. Sibling, cousin, etc.
Thos are the requirements. I'm going to be answering this challenge myself, so go ahead and give it a try! Ion really is cute, and it makes me sad to see him not getting enough love. Ooh, and see if you can put Ester and Abel together. they're so cute. ^_^

Posted: 06/08/09 | Deadline: None

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