"14 Things To Tell Cupid..." by Celmisia
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Description: This challenge is a pre-Valentine series.
I want you to write 14 moments about your character(s) love life with some quotes I have provided down below.

---The quotes are based on a song I heard and will be in order, so at the end it can make sense---


[1] It must be a One-Shot
[2] The length does not matter
[3] It can be any Genre (Sad, happy, etc)
[4] Write a summary
[5] Enjoy It
[6] Any pairing
[7] Any anime, manga, gaming and books only.
[8] No Yaoi
[9] No Yuri
[10] If you want to extend it or want to have second part, message me.


The Quotes:

[1]"Cupid, you're supposed to be an expert on gathering two single hearts together."
[2]"Your bow has failed you"
[3]"Because I gave you all the flowers, my garden is empty like my heart."
[4]"Cupid, tell love not knock on my door, for Iím not home"
[5]"Tell him not to come tomorrow, my heart can't take too much pain"
[6]"For I have left far away from love"
[7]"Tell love that it is not welcome in my heart, for I bid goodbye, tell it my reasons."
[8]"Cupid, I do not understand why luck hates me so.for I have inherited the wealth of disaffection"
[9]"Forgive me Cupid, but this won't work."
[10]"My Februaries are longer, though I do not blame you"
[11]"I do not want to see dates on my calendar, nor dates on my schedule if it's about love"
[12]"Hearing love songs do not interest me, nor seeing flowers.
[13]"My feelings are on a diet, avoiding the moments of disappointment."
[14]"I don't need no love in my life."

I know some of the quotes seem bad, but I really suck at translating, but I hope you get the meaning of what I'm trying to say... (if it doesn't make sense, I'll try to fix it)


Posted: 12/11/09 | Deadline: None

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