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Categories: Gaming
Characters: None

Description: What would happen if Organization 13 went to Hogwarts?


*Has to be in Snape's class

*Snape must be demon strating a spell that makes them come (reason is your choice)

*Harry and Axel either fight or get along well (prefferably Axel fights him and wins)

*At least one obbsessed fangirl for Demyx(you could even add me!)

*Not everyone is there

Characters there:

Hermine, Ron, Harry, Draco, Snape, Demyx, Axel, Roxas, Vexion, and Zexion.

Posted: 03/19/11 | Deadline: None
Categories: Kingdom Hearts
Characters: Axel

Description: I've been searching through the Kingdom Hearts fanfiction, and I've noticed a HUGE lack of Axel/OC/Reader fics. So the challenge is to create a romance fic (oneshot, lemon, fic, I dont care) with an OC character named Ruki (Not Riku, mind you) or an Axel/Reader fic. No deadlines I can think of. So write away people!

Posted: 09/03/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: Ayashi no Ceres
Characters: Various

Description: I’m so disappointed; I’ve only seen 1 Ayashi No Ceres fan fiction…it’s sad. I Xanadu, challenge someone to write:


Hell, even and or a WeixReader

Or even if you want to, do a Aya/Touya fic…you know, Character/Character.

Do it. I dare you to....

And hell, if you need a prize, I’ll write you a one~shot
You know, for everyone you write, I’ll write one for you (it depends on the show though..because there are only a select couple animes ive seen…but I’ll try my best with any other…if you really want)
However, just to make it fair I’ll write one or two for this show.

If you’ve NEVER seen Ayashi No Ceres, go here-

You can watch all the episodes right on your computer…I bet after the first episode, you’ll be hooked!

Now, the rules are:
Now, it does have to be accurate if your not doing an alternate universe…however, even so, the character descriptions and such are still as follows. Now, I will admit, apparently there is a sequel to the series…but I personally have never seen it.

Now go!
I’ll be keeping a close eye.

Good luck whoever accepts this challenge

E-mail me at (DO NOT! I repeat, DO NOT blow up my e-mail.)

Posted: 07/15/08 | Deadline: None
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