Ratings Disabled
Posted by Sally
08/02/06 - 10:11PM

Until further notice star ratings have been removed from this site. Lately, it seems people have had way too much time on their hands and have either been repeatedly rating their own or their friends stories to inflate their rating OR to lower someone else's.

I realize you want your story to appear in the best way possible, but this is absolutely ridiculous.

I may bring them back eventually. If I feel like it.


Really, I was never too fond of the stars, so. Reviews mean a lot more to me since I know a lot of people don't even bother to rate when leaving a review. I know I don't. So, kudos to you for removing it! n_n
- the brilliant dance x on 08/03/06 - 12:37AM
Thank you for removing the stars system! I really disliked them, for if readers (including me) come across a low rated story, they immediately skip it, not even bothering to see if it is good or not. The rating system turns readers away from potentially good stories. (I have read some low rated stories, and I thought they were really good!) Again, I say thank you for removing the rating! I believe reviewing is a much more rewarding thing to see on your story than stars. (You'll know the person's opinion of your story.)
- Unknown Roxas on 08/07/06 - 08:07PM
Could you make it so someone couldn't rate their own story? And someone else could only rate it once?
- Artemis_Rein on 08/10/06 - 05:06AM
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