Regarding Flaming
Posted by Sally
02/10/07 - 08:38PM

Lately, we've been noticing more people are flaming stories because they're "boring", "disgusting", "stupid", "dumb", "gross," or for whatever other stupid reason.

Three people have been banned so far, others have been suspended, and a few more are pushing it. We will not bother to send warnings out before we ban, so be forewarned. We don't have time or interest in babysitting.


I wish those people would display some maturity and respect. If you don't like a story you shouldn't comment unless you're going to say something supportive or helpful.
- Artemis_Rein on 02/11/07 - 11:00PM
I'm glad that you're banning people like that, because they are rude. I completely agree with Artemis_Rein, if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all.
- ASM45 on 02/11/07 - 11:16PM
Go girl! ^_^
- Crys-chan on 02/13/07 - 01:01AM
Let's face the facts. Some people still don't know what the little 'x' in the top right corner is for when a story that they read makes them frown. Concrit is always apreciated, but flames? That's crossing the border of good manors. Thank you for reminding 'them' that.
- Alky on 02/13/07 - 05:17PM
Thanks ^_^

I'm not going to comment. I don't want to come across as a total witch.
- Sally on 02/13/07 - 07:26PM
You know what I see flamers everywhere I go and I am so glad this site won't tolerate them!
- Artemis_Rein on 02/15/07 - 01:10AM
Hm... Flamers don't get to me.
95% have a pitiful agrument so I find it a waste of time to even be affected by them.

If they can't support their dislike, then it's not relevent, and I stop caring.

Yay, apathy.
- Mister Pseudonymous on 02/20/07 - 09:02PM
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