Important Announcement
Posted by crazydominodragongirl
04/04/07 - 02:29PM
Dear everyone,

Thank you for your submissions to the quality check. They were all amazing.

While we're at it, happy late April Fool's Day. :D

Sheep-shearing was chosen as the topic, not for the challenge it would provide, but because it was the first random thing that came to mind. No one was expected to know much about it, but you all did brilliantly. =^^=

Feel free to keep, post, or delete your sheep-shearing pieces as you like. They're actually rather amusing, so go and read them if you have the time!

We love you all. ♥


So, er, do we still have to write the sheep thing?
- Cheerfulhope on 04/04/07 - 06:20PM
Only if you want to. ^_^
- crazydominodragongirl on 04/04/07 - 06:44PM
^^ Okay, thank you!
- Cheerfulhope on 04/04/07 - 06:54PM
I knew it! XD Well, I might just write one for the heck of it.
- Tomoyo Lanvaldear on 04/04/07 - 07:20PM
.....-_-;; I knew it. Lol. Oh well. I'm certainly not deleting it now that I've written it. ^_^ =P
- saykori on 04/04/07 - 09:33PM
And I was going to start it today too! I even went around asking everyone what they knew about sheep shearing. Oh well, it was a great conversation starter. XD
- Sharp Shiny Pickle on 04/04/07 - 10:50PM
I like the prompt though ^_^ It was really random and I work great on random stuff. Thanks ^^
- Alky on 04/04/07 - 11:37PM
You can still write it! It's just the type of thing that seems like it will be fun to do because it's so... yes, random. :P
- crazydominodragongirl on 04/05/07 - 12:31AM
I HATE YOU DG-KUN. [No just kidding.]
- Lady Athena on 04/05/07 - 09:23AM
Ahahah, I knew it~! *feels proud* Quite an interesting prompt, though. ^^ You get points for that. XD
- Ria on 04/05/07 - 10:18PM
...>_> -grins and jumps triumphantly- I knew it! I didn't believe it for once second! -silence, glares- ... >_> ... <_< Okay, okay, I seriously did, but I was too lazy to write it! XD You got meh.
- Seishi on 04/10/07 - 08:40PM
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