April / May Newsletter
Posted by Sally
05/15/07 - 07:35AM

I'm really sorry for vanishing on everyone for April and now most of May. College and serious real-life issues made April a very difficult month for us. I can't promise that we're back 100%, but we will give it our all.

This month's newsletter includes:
- Plagiarism
- Ria Published!
- Author Forums

- Featured Story: "Existence" by Hikari_no_Kage
- Featured Author: Tsula
- Featured Theme: April Fools' Sheep Shearing Essays

You can read the full newsletter on our forums or on our LiveJournal.


Tsulaaaaaaaa, I'm so proud of her! :'D She deserves something nice, I'm gonna go write for her XD Oh~ And Hikari! I love them both :'D What fun!
- Crys-chan on 05/16/07 - 06:27PM
*glomps Crys* You're awesome too, you know? And kyaa~ Tsula. <3
- Hikari_no_Kage on 05/22/07 - 10:22PM
Any news on the June Newsletter?
- Alky on 06/02/07 - 05:20AM
April and early May seem to have been hard for a lot of people (myself included) I wish you the very best and I hope everything will be and is alright. This is such a wonderful site. So many friendly people and so many striving to keep it error and nonsense free, it is amazing!
- Saan on 06/09/07 - 07:50PM
Hang on, Alky. We're getting it out probably tomorrow. We just had enough things nominated last month that we didn't put out the SOS like we normally did.

Thanks so much, Saan. ^_^
- Sally on 06/09/07 - 08:12PM
This site has the most hard working admins there can be. Hope your mid term or end of term exams came out ok. Keep up the good work! Happily looking forward to the June Newsletter. ^.~
- Alky on 06/12/07 - 07:14AM
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