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Posted by Sally
06/14/07 - 05:52PM

We're in the process of adding a new option for our members: Disallowing Reviews.

School hasn't been out for the summer that long and already we're having a problem with flamers. The new option will allow you to disallow all reviews or just anonymous ones. We have it added to your user options page, but it will be the weekend before we will have the chance to add it to the reviews.

Until then, now is your chance to pick your new settings. ^^


EDIT: It's all installed. Let me know if you find any bugs and I'll squish them for you. ^_~

EDIT #2: I've added privacy controls for the author contact form too. Beta readers should note they need to provide an alternative way for authors to contact them if they turn the form off.


Thank you, Sally! I really appreciate it!
- Tikatu on 06/14/07 - 06:05PM
That's nice to hear. Even if some people sometimes resorted to anonymous flaming or a even trickier thingamajigs like flaming through the form of 'contact author' (fortunately I've had none of those...) It's still great news concerning the disallowing reviews ^.^ You people are genius!
- Alky on 06/15/07 - 01:18PM
You're welcome, Tikatu!

And thanks, Alky. Though hearing the whole "contact author" flaming thing just alarmed me a bit. ^^; I think I'll add an option for that too.
- Sally on 06/15/07 - 05:21PM
Oh, I didn't want to alarm you, it crossed my mind cause it happened to me once on a different site. Lunaescence hasn't had any issues of this kind. Not that I know of anyway. ^.^
- Alky on 06/16/07 - 06:10AM
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