Sally Doesn't Know!
Posted by Arametha
02/04/06 - 01:03PM
Okay guys (and gals), here is your very secret Valantine's Day Challenge: write a piece of fan fic showing your appreciation to Sally, Jasson, and Crimson for building and running such a wonderful site. Keep it straight, (please, nothing homosexual) and make them feel special. Winner gets braggin' rights.

Oh yeah, rules.

Because this challenge is a secret challenge (none of my Higher-Ups knew this was coming) not only will you have to put on your fic "Valintine's Challenge" but you will also have to send me an e-mail, in case I didn't edit your fic. My address is Don't send me the story in the e-mail- just send me a notice saying, "Hey, I got a V-Day challenge entitled Such-n-Such," and I'll go look. This is to make I get sure your story.

{EDIT: On a final thought, I am going to set a word limit. The magic numbers are 1,000 to 2,500 words. Deadline: Febuary 28.}


Hehe, I would love to take credit for building/running this site, but that goes soley to Jass and Sal. I help out where I can, but mostly I am just a good friend lurking behind the mainframe ^_^ So I think it would be better to write the challenge about Sal and Jass :D

Though much love!
- Crimson on 02/07/06 - 02:31AM
It's okay- I understand you've been a big help, (or I assume you were), so I'll keep you on the list.

Attn: Guys/gals I'm very serious about this challange. Sally and Jass have been running the site for a while, and would appreaciate a good word. Extended deadline: Feb 28.
- Arametha on 02/08/06 - 05:59PM
Thanks so much! That's really sweet! ^_^
- Sally Knight on 02/11/06 - 08:51PM
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