Extremely Important Trivia
Posted by Arametha
02/27/06 - 01:57PM
This is the first and only time you should hear me say this: STOP SUBMITTING. It's pointless; we can't read what you write.

What I mean to say (now that I have your attention) is to re-direct your submissions. Until further notice, e-mail your submissions to Use a text attachment or just cut & paste directly to the e-mail- it don't matter.

The server is down- we're moving. I should be able to approve and add stories from a foriegn address.

Also, Danodas Morr and Hikari_no_Kage, please re-submit your stories.

Finally, any of you other mods want to jump in with me on this until the servers back up, please do. Simply edit my post and add your e-mail.

In Sanity,


From SilvernFalcon:
I can help out with this, too, so if you don't send your submission to Arametha, you can send it to me at

[EDIT: I still need Welcome Commitee members. This invitation is open to all experianced members. Read my user page for more info. -Arametha]


*blinks* Just wondering, does this also apply to the validated authors that don't need to have their stories approved before they're uploaded? I don't plan on adding anything for a while, but just wondering, because it kinda sounds like the main problem is the whole "story-reviewing" thing before they are approved.
- crazydominodragongirl on 02/27/06 - 06:06PM
Shouldn't.... The problem is that we can't read recently submtitted stories that were sent to the address. If you need to update a pre-approved story, I believe you can do that. What exactly do you need done, crazydominogirl?
- Arametha on 02/27/06 - 09:00PM
Hm? Nothing right now. Just wondering, since I will post something this weekend and maybe sooner if I get the time to type it up.
- crazydominodragongirl on 02/27/06 - 11:29PM
Wait til Friday to post, if you don't send me an e-mail. We might be up and running by then.
- Arametha on 02/28/06 - 01:26PM
Eep. ._.;; *just remembered* I sent in a new category request a couple days ago... would I have to resend that, too, later?
- crazydominodragongirl on 02/28/06 - 09:11PM
Quite possibly yes. Depends if you sent it before Sunday. I would wait to re-send it on Friday. I (or preferably Sally or Jass) should post a news bulliten when the new server's up and running.
- Arametha on 03/01/06 - 01:04AM
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