Submissions Closed!
Posted by Jasson
03/16/06 - 08:31PM
Tomorrow we're going to begin the process of transferring to another host.

Our current host has done several things we don't agree with in recent weeks. For one thing, there was that two or three day downtime earlier this month. Then, just this week, they shrunk our available space down to just 100MB without any warning. This means we went from having TONS of room for stories to getting warnings that we were out of space overnight. There's more, but I'll probably come out sounding like some kind of emo. (Well, more than usual. XD)

To make my job easier, the archives are now set to read-only status. That means no one can submit new stories, regardless of whether they're validated or not. Mods and admin, don't worry: everyone's admin status has been temporarily removed to prevent us from messing up your database info. Once the move is complete, we'll be back open for business.

The site will probably be down for about 72 hours or until the transfer is complete. Then probably another 24 and I'll have submissions back open. We'll send out the March newsletter when it's done to bring everyone back up to date.

Until we're back, you're free to visit our Livejournal or our temporary message board. Talk, gripe, posts stories -- it's all good.


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