"Unlucky in Love..?" by Nobodys Damsel

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Hello everyone, and welcome to UiL! Here's the intro; the first chapter will be soon to follow! Thanks for reading!
Guess who’s back, back again? Amu’s back! Tell a friend!

*is shot*

Hello everyone, and welcome to the introduction for Unlucky in Love..?, a rewrite that will hopefully be enormously better then the original that was released exclusively to Quizilla some ages ago when I was young and stupid. XD This introduction is just to answer some questions and hopefully start this series off right!

Fandom: Black Cat
Takes Place: After the manga ending; meaning the events in the series will be based mostly on the manga storyline.
P.O.V.: 2rd Person; taking on the role of Angel
Rating: YA for language, violence, mild gore, mild adult situations, and angst… because I’m good at angst. XD
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Action
Predicted Story Length: No idea… 30+, I’d say

This series is an experiment, and will be showing up on my Luna account Halfbreed Maiden and my NEW Quizilla account NobodysDamsel simultaneously. Unless otherwise noted it will be showing up nowhere else; if you see it on some other site please let me know!!

The original UiL and Why it had to Die

Why, you may be asking, waste time rewriting a perfectly good completed series where there are so many other things I’m supposed to be working on?
The answer is simple: the first UiL was not perfectly good. In fact, upon re-reading it recently, I have realized it’s terrible. I knew it was terrible when I was first releasing it, but my inspiration led me and… eehhh. But that is behind me now! And so is the old UiL. However I really enjoy some of the elements in the original series and upon reading the end of the manga I got all inspired to rework the series into something I can actually be proud of.
The original UiL followed a slightly different plot, began differently, had different events happen within the context of the story, and ended at 39 chapters. There were a few Train-centric one shots that were play offs of the series but were more independent… not that THAT makes any sense. XD


Seeing as this series is going to be taking place after the manga ending, I warn you that there WILL be spoilers for the manga plot. Since I’m not too keen on the anime there won’t be many spoilers for this… if they’re there I’ll warn you before hand… or at least apologize. XD It’s not going to be a central aspect of the series seeing as it’s more of an original plot line, so you don’t have too much to worry about. ^_^

That Disclaimer Thing…

As much as I wish I could say that I own Black Cat, I do not. And I do not know why anyone would think I do, but since it’s fashionable to add disclaimers on a fanfiction site I will follow the norm. XD Train Heartnet, Sven, Eve, Sweepers, Creed and his Apostles, and many of the elements of this story are the property of their creator Kentaro Yabuki, who is somewhat divine and should be treated as such.

Angel, Maverick, and any characters that you just can’t put a finger on for being in the plot are my brain children. They are based on nothing in particular and are the property of yours truly. The storyline is credited to me again… disclaimers are boring. Z_Z

Let’s keep this short and sweet!

Fwee! Ok, I do believe that’s all I’m bothering to cover in the introduction of this series. It makes me smile, and I hope you can say the same! I cross my heart and hope to fry that this version of UiL will be much, MUCH better then the original! Please feel free to critique and leave reviews; they make me smile and dance Irish jigs. *nodnod* And now… on to chapter 1!

Thanks for reading!

--Halfbreed Maiden

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