"Vampires, Villains and Violins" by Penguiduck

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First vampire piece. This is more of an experiment than anything else, and indeed, this is a prologue so it is much shorter than any chapter I would normally write. Comments are always appreciated. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy.

He watched you, his gleaming eyes like black opals in the dim light. A strange fear ran up your spine-- it wasn't raw terror that consumed you. It was a mere curiosity mingled with an existing concern. Who was this person? He seemed to be flawless in appearance, but with a haunting sort of beauty. His skin was pale; this you could tell even in the poor lighting. He stood tall, over six feet in height. His face was handsome, carved with sharp features. Dark brown hair framed his serene expression.

How he had appeared, you would never figure out on your own. It seemed as though he had materialized from thin air. From what you knew, there were only two entrances to the attic-- the stairs and the window. However, your uncle would not have allowed a stranger in the house at this hour, and the window was much too far off of the ground for anyone to have scaled the wall.

"Who are you..?" you dared to ask.

The strange man smiled, his lips curled into a smirk. It was his voice that caused you to physically shiver, a smooth baritone that left his tongue with a hint of calm and grace. "For now, consider me nobody. I am not here." He nodded his head toward a nearby table. "Play for me, sweetness. Play."

You looked toward the object of his direction. My violin? The thought grazed your mind, and you wondered why anyone would ask this of you. Yes, you were considered one of the best, young violinists in the state, but this was an odd request. "Why..?" It came out as barely a whisper, and you were afraid of the answer.

A light chuckle escaped his lips. "I come every night to listen." In response to your surprised expression, he added, "You would not refuse an audience, would you? Now play, my lovely. Play for me."

With a wary glance on your part, you reached for your instrument. The wood of the violin felt smooth in your hands as you rested your chin. You picked up the bow, tightening it so that the hair was taunt as you pressed it to the strings. The melodies of various pieces rang in your mind as you thought of what you wished to play for this strange guest. You took a deep breath and closed your eyes when you had made your selection.

The first note was confident, and as your fingers danced along the strings of the violin, you were lost in the music. You were surrounded, engulfed by the melodies, each note sharpened to perfection. This world you had brought yourself into… it was a paradise, a land of milk and honey. When the last note ceased its vibration and your bow was lifted from the strings, you were brought back to reality.

You opened your eyes, remembering where you were and what had just happened. ...but he was gone.

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