"Teddy bear" by Moriarty

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Yaaay. Not as CRACK! as the others, but still part of 'Messing around'. Cute too. :D

It was unnerving.

You had been staring at Senri for at least an hour now, and you still hadn't blinked. Sitting cross legged in front of him, you continued to stare, obviously deep in thought. Husky was ignoring the two of you, muttering something about girl's that would have made you throw a rock at him, had you been paying attention.

Nana though you were broke, and she was poking you in the side, getting nothing but the occasional twitch. Cooro, however, was oblivious to the whole thing, munching happily on some apples you had bought him back in town.

Finally, you blinked. And then, you smiled. And then, without warning, you tackled Senri. "Teddy bear!" you chimed, and Nana blinked, Husky frowned, and Cooro continued to snack. "Senri is a teddy bear." You snuggled your face into his chest, hugging him tightly. "Teddy bear."

Blinking in surprise, Senri smiled slightly and placed a hand on your head, patting it slightly. He'd let you call him teddy bear, at least for now if it made you happy.

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