"Finding Common Ground" by crazed psychopath

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Crazed: Minor changes have been made to the plot to fit the summary.
Age Info: Reader: 3, Shuichi: 14
Disclaimer: I don't own Yu Yu Hakusho.
Finding Common Ground

Onii-chan's Promise

                    The hasty pitter-patters of feet signaled the arrival of another presence to the fourteen-year-old male. A gradual smile lifted at his lips as his nose sniffed the aroma of an all-natural, vegetable-based, honey soap with a lingering scent of freshly cut grass. He sensed the exhilaration the pair of feet presented as they scurried through the second floor hallway of the two-story home. Dusting his hands on the front of his denim jeans, he tilted his head in route of his bedroom door.

The boldness of Shuichi Minamino's penetrating, jade eyes presented a quality of kindness as he waited on the individual to appear in the entryway of his bedroom. The rushing feet came nearer when they ceased in sound. He was sure the individual would have burst from the hall and pounced on his kneeled form, but he knew he should never let the person’s actions baffle him. Then, as he submerged himself in an unwary contemplation, the person advanced and Shuichi found himself sprawled on the floor with a cheerful little girl atop his torso.

“Onii-chan [1]!” The word slipped sweetly from the toddler’s mouth. You clung onto the front of his shirt as if he would run, or even vanish from your sight. Your giggles washed over him in a surge of glee, and you snuggled into his warmth as strands of your loose, [insert color] hair swept the sides of his face.

The tone of your voice held a tremendous effect on Shuichi as he lay frozen on the floor. Though most teenagers turned their noses at the idea of having their younger siblings hang around them like lost puppies, Shuichi did not mind the presence of his baby sister. The two of you remained in an awkward embrace until Shuichi decided to draw away. As his eyes wandered the healing gashes that covered your bare legs and your grubby pair of white socks, Shuichi expelled an exasperated sigh. Mother would not be pleased when she found out that you had tracked dirt inside of the house. “Did you go outside again, [insert name]?” Your brother’s eyes moved towards your remorseful face as you rocked on the soles of your feet.

“[Insert name],” Shuichi’s even voice pierced your ears. Yet, you kept your eyes planted to the floor.

Quietly, he approached, taking your hand, and led you to your dresser for a fresh pair of socks, before he led you into the bathroom at the middle of the hall. He helped you wash your feet, tossing your dirty socks into the laundry hamper beside the sink. You sat on the closed toilet lid, observing in admiration as Shuichi helped you slip on a fresh pair of socks. "There," Shuichi patted your legs, "all done. Now promise me you won’t go outside again without letting mother or I know, okay?”

“Okay, onii-chan,” you say as you smiled from ear to ear.

Shuichi turned to exit when he stopped his movements, standing between the bathroom doorway, with his back to you. Your voice was barely audible when you called out his name. Yet, Shuichi’s quietness was all you needed to carry on. Your gaze dropped to your entwined hands.

“Will you stay by my side forever, onii-chan?”

Your unexpected question made Shuichi's muscles tense and his pulse quicken. An unaware breath escaped from his barely, parted lips. He gave you a side glance, and then a small smile. “I will always be by your side, [insert name],” Shuichi voiced, turning to face you. He moved forward with ease and kneeled to your eye level, placing a chaste kiss atop your hair. “I promise.”

Too bad promises were hard to keep.

End of Prologue
Onii-chan's Promise

Side Notes
[1] Onii-chan: Oniisan, Oniisama Brother, or in more formal situations, a young man of older age or social standing. The chan suffix is used in very familiar/affectionate situations, -san and -sama suffixes are honorifics, indicating a higher status.
[2] I decided to take partial clips from chapter one and make it a prologue.
[3] This story will be at least 10 to 15 chapters in length.
[4] Please feel free to review. Also, I have a shoutbox if you'd like to leave messages. :)
[1] Kitsuchan for beta'ing.

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