"Hit me... I must be dreaming" by BehindTheMask

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Okay I started this story a couple of years ago, and instead of using my other story for the challenge, I will be using this one.
I changed up a few things than what my story used to be, and hopefully it will come out much better. This is a reader insert, but you will have a name. I dont like the (Y/N) things... they bug me. Sorry. But then again, sometimes it's better to think of yourself having another name than the one you have... right? Or is that just me...

why me? Why did I have to work in the god forsaken place?

You looked at the man sitting at the table in front of you and frowned. He looked like he hadn't showered in days, but these were the kinds of people you find working at a Bar/Diner. The thing you loathed most was wearing this god awful skirt that was too short for your tastes.

"Hello sir," You said through clenched teeth. "What would you like?"

The guy looked up and sneered, showing yellowed teeth. "What about you? Are you on the menu?"

GOD! This is what I have to put up with!

"Get A life asshole, if you're not going to order anything I suggest you get the hell out!" You said to him, close to the point of punching him right in his pudgy face.

The guy smirked at you then got out of his chair and left, making you let out a sigh of relief as he walked away. You muttered, "pig" under your breath before continuing on to the other customers. You prayed that you wouldn't get anymore like that guy tonight. You weren't in the mood.


You turned swiftly at the sound of your name and a grin swept across your face. This day wasn't so bad after all. Your best friend Nyssa was hurrying towards you, pushing passed the drunks a couple of them staring at her as she hurried passed. You fought the urge to scowl as she came up to you.

"I got in!" She said as grabbed you and pulled you into a tight embrace. For a lanky girl she was actually pretty strong.

"That's great!" You said to her as she released you, making you almost sigh with relief.

Nyssa's grin was intoxicating so you couldn't help but grin along with her. Nyssa had just applied to the same college as you which you had gotten your letter back a week before. Nyssa had put it off till last minute to try and apply.

Tucking some of her ebony hair back behind her ears, Nyssa looked around, disgusted. "I really wish you would find a better job," She said meaningfully, locking her gaze with yours. Her brown eyes had worry in their depths.

You sighed heavily, just that look from her made you feel guilty. She could do that to you… actually she could do that to anyone with her innocent charm along with her good looks. Her mother was Egyptian whilst her father was half Native American, giving her an array of different features, yet they all meshed well together.

"Don’t worry, Nyssa, I can quit this job soon and find another one up near the college… but for now I need the money." You put your hand on her shoulder. "It's okay, I'll be fine."

Nyssa nodded but didn't seem convinced. "Well I'm going to show this to Cole..." She glanced around for a moment before her eyes fixed on yours again. "Do you want me swing by and pick you up later?"

You shook your head. "Nah you'll want to show your family as well, and I know how you are with Cole, you'll be with him celebrating all night." You winked at her. "Besides I think it looks kind of nice out when it's night time..." you paused and looked at her skeptical look. "Hey I've walked home from here loads of times and nothing has happened to me as of yet."

"Well today might be your 'unlucky' day Marina,” She said, tilting her head a little, “I worry about you, you know."

You nodded. "Yes I do know, but seriously Nyssa I'll be fine. You show off that letter to anyone you can get your hands on."

Nyssa laughed and reluctantly nodded. "Well you better call me if you need anything, and I will drop anything I have going on just to get to you. Okay?"

You smiled. "Okay."

"Get back to work!" You heard your boss bellow from the back. You turned to the big burly man who was wiping the counter at the moment and glaring at you with his beady eyes.

You turned back to Nyssa and shrugged. "I guess that’s your cue to get out of here."

Nyssa nodded, shooting a glance at my boss before hurrying off.

You waved to your boss to tell him that you were getting back to work and he just grunted, turning away from you to pile out some more large beer glasses. You glared at him and muttered under your breath: "you inconsiderate prick"

You noticed that one of the customers looked up at you and smirked, hearing what you had said about your boss. He actually didn't look like the typical guy to come here. He was clean for one thing, and incredibly handsome. He didn't look much older, but looks can always be deceiving. His white-blonde hair looked more white than anything and his ice blue eyes held your gaze for longer than you wanted. The guy was lean and muscular, you could tell that right at a glance, for his black shirt was thin and tight, showing those muscles.

You tore your gaze away from him and shrugged as you walked off, heat rising in your face.

Stare why don't you!

I can do whatever the hell I bloody want!

Shut up!

You can't tell me to shut up! I'm you!

Yes, why am I talking to myself?

Because you’re bored?

Yeah, whatever…

You muttered obscene things to yourself as you went off to another table to take an order. You were mildly pleased that this one was a woman, you just hoped she wouldn't be a jerk.

"hello, may I take your order?"

The woman turned to you and squinted, she looked completely trashed. "I'll just have another beer thanks."

You had experience in not trying to talk people out of their orders: for one, they yelled at you, and then your boss yelled at you, said that you were keeping him out of good money.

"Fine," You said begrudgingly as you wrote it down on your pad then hurried off to the front desk to give it to your boss. He always made you write things down, even if it was as simple as just "a beer."

Your shift continued like that until ten o'clock came around and then you were finally free to go. You sigh with relief as you take off your apron and hang it up; the boss had already left for the day.

"See you Milo!" You called as you hurried out.

"See you tomorrow!" Was Milo's muffled yell from the back; he was taking out the trash. He was the guy that locked up at the end of the day. You would hate that since you were already not too keen on walking home late at night, he had to leave at 1 in the morning.

Milo was probably the only friend you had at this job, Nyssa actually said that it was because he liked you. He was a couple years older than you were and was working his way through college with the measly pay that your boss paid you. He also had another job after this one, you felt bad for him. He was a really nice guy.

Once you were outside you plunged your hands into the pockets of your jeans which you had changed into right when your shift had ended, You had learned not to wear your uniform outside, it attracted weirdos. Suddenly you began to hum to yourself, you had been on edge all day for some reason and now you needed something to keep your mind off of your insecurities.

A loud noise from behind you made you spin around, almost falling on your face in the process. You scanned the darkness trying to find what had made the sound but couldn't see a person nor the reason for the noise.

"I'm going crazy..." you muttered. "What do you think?" you asked yourself, trying to lighten your mood, but it didn't help. You laughed nervously as you turned back around.

Maybe I should have gotten a ride with Nyssa...

"I think you talk to yourself," a male said just as you turned completely around, facing him. You let out a yelp as you stumbled back then glared at him for scaring you.

The guy looked familiar somehow. "Do I know you?" you asked cautiously.

The guy smirked. "I don't know, do you?"

You scowled at him, suddenly realization dawned on you. He was the same guy that laughed at your comment from in the diner. You had not waited on him so you hadn't caught his name.

"Well if you don't mind..." you started as you went to move around him but he just blocked your path, "EXCUSE ME!"

The guy's smirk widens and your heart quickens its pace. Nyssa was right, this was your unlucky day, You were going to be murdered right here where no one can help you and he's going to stuff you into a trashcan.

Suddenly the guy laughed, as if something was amusing to him. "I'm still kind of hungry..."

The guy made a grab for you but you spun around, almost falling yet again but you caught your balance at the last second. It actually helped you since the guy was reaching for you, now you had stumbled out of reach.

Once you steadied yourself you bolted away from him, running as fast as your legs could take you. Right then you wished you hadn't dropped out of track in high school.

"Hey!" You hear the guy yell from behind you as he begins the chase. "Hey!"

Like I'm going to answer you!

Don't think just RUN!


Try Harder!

Shut up!

You run passed the diner and scold yourself for doing so. You look back to see that the guy was gaining on you, You couldn't go back and have Milo and whoever was working at the moment rescue you. You tried to keep yourself from panicking as you willed your legs to go faster.

Just as you rounded a corner you tripped on an upturned piece of cement. you let out a gasp as you plummeted to the ground.

Just my luck!

With that last thought you fell into darkness.


"Is she alive?"

"I don't know I'll---

--check and see"

Your eyes snap open and you see the guy that had been chasing you leaning his face toward yours, he had been in the process of checking if you were okay. Not like he cared, it was likely he was a cannibal and wanted to hear you scream as he ate you.

The guy scowled at you for a second but you ignored it.

“What the HELL are you doing?" You demanded.

"Seeing if you were alive, you were out for a while."

"Was I breathing?"


"Then I was alive you IDIOT!" You yell as you quickly sit up, making him quickly jerk away and stumble into another guy standing in the room. Just looking at him made your blood run cold, and not because his green eyes seemed to be glowing, but the fact that there was two of them, there was no way you could try to find a way out with both of them standing here.

"Hey Deacon, your girl wake up yet?" Another man burst into the room, looking identical to the one with the green eyes. His black hair even seemed to be cut in the same way, except for the fact that it was disheveled and in his face, but it didn’t cover the scar that traveled down his right cheek. Without even waiting for an answer from the one whom he called Deacon he turns to you and smiles warmly. "What's up?"

You frown at him. "You’ve got to be kidding me.”

The guy turns to the one that had took you to this God forsaken place and his smile turns into a grin. "She's got an attitude man."

"Well I would think so since I had just been chased down the street by that--" You pointed to the one you assumed had to be Deacon — "LUNATIC!"

"I could say that I thought you knew better, but I would be lying," The one without the scar said, shaking his head. The other one just laughed.

"Hey, I was just messing around with her. It wasn't my fault that she took off like a bat out of hell.”

You glare at him and get up off the bed. "Oh ha ha, just get out of the way jackass.”

Surprisingly as you make your way to the door, the one with the scar obliges quickly enough, motioning that you can leave. You don’t even look back at the other two as you hurry towards the door and twist the knob, throwing it open and escaping the room. You then slam it on your way out.

Once outside of the room you notice that you are on a balcony of sorts, with two elegant spiraling staircases leading down to your exit. You grin as you hurried down the one closer to you and grab the handle to the front door and yank it open. You jaw dropped at what you saw. Blackness surrounded you and when you looked down you saw that the house was standing on a large pillar that led so far down that you couldn’t even see the bottom for it was cloaked in fog. "What the fuck…” you whisper as you stare in disbelief.

A chuckle came from behind you and you whirl around. "I forgot to tell you that you're in a different realm now, you can go home when I say you can."

"You're an asshole,” you mutter angrily.

"That won't do anything to help your predicament doll face."

You glare at him and sit on the ground and close your eyes, actually you squeeze them shut as if that if you did so you'd wake up from this. "Please God let this be a dream, for ONCE!" You keep your eyes shut and take a deep breath then quickly open them...

Deacon is sitting crossed legged in front of you, smiling wickedly. "That won't help you either."

"Oh bite me."

He grinned, showing a set of long pointy teeth in the front. Just looking at him reminded you of that Dracula movie you had seen a long time ago. "If I were you I wouldn't say that, it could actually happen."

You open your mouth to talk back to him but before you could a loud crash came from behind you and you whirl around to see a man falling through the ceiling and landing in a heap.

Deacon quickly got up and hurried over to him but you were too stunned to even get up and see if he was okay, which was doubtful since he just fell through the ceiling. The thing that stunned you most was the fact that large pale yellow wings were jutting out of his back. They looked somewhat like bat wings, for they had no feathers, but they were larger, and much more fascinating… or it could be just because a bat was not sporting them, but a human.

"Holy hell," you mutter, coming out of your spell as you awkwardly get up from your sitting position and walk cautiously to the man and Deacon kneeling beside him. When you get closer to them you notice that he has quite a few cuts and bruises on him, and not all of them, it seemed, he sustained in the fall.

He opens his eyes and smiles weakly. "Hello Deacon."

"Wyatt how many times have I told you? Use the front door!" Deacon was trying to be funny but you saw how his voice cracked and how worried his eyes looked.

"Where are Isaiah and Kaden? They need..."

"You need rest Wyatt."

"No," Wyatt's voice was forceful as he began to sit up slowly, pain marring his features as he did so. He actually looked okay, considering the fact he just fell through the ceiling. "It's Eran..."

"What?! He said he would leave us be! We haven't done anything!" Deacon's tone was distraught, pain and anger were in its depths.

Wyatt began to say something but he paused and looked over at you, finally realizing you were in the room. His eyes widened and he looked back at Deacon. "No mortal is to come here... Deacon... why did you bring her?"

"I..." Deacon's shoulders slumped and he sighed. "I don't... know."

Wyatt sighed and nodded. "She isn't coming back Deacon..."

"I know that!" Deacon's yelled, but instead of anger you heard only pain in his voice.

His sudden outburst made you flinch slightly and you took a step back. You knew you weren’t supposed to be witnessing this, things like this didn’t happen in reality… so why is this happening?

Deacon turned to you, pain eminent in his features. "How long till he gets here?" He asked Wyatt, not looking at him.

"Twenty minutes..."

"When does the portal open? Do I have time to get her back?"

"Ten minutes, fifteen tops, if you want to get her out we best move now."

"All right," Deacon wearily stood up, as if the thought of this man named Eran coming had drained him. He wasn't the cocky arrogant, ass like when you first got here. "Isaiah! Kaden! Now!" He bellowed as he turned his gaze to the top of the stairs.

The twins suddenly appeared in front of you and seeing your bewildered look the one with the scar grinned, the other was too busy looking over at Deacon. "We need to get her back to her own world."

"I know Isaiah I'm getting to it!"

You felt yourself fall to your knees on the ground. This really couldn’t be happening… you must be insane. You were probably dreaming while you were unconscious on the ground back near the pub.

“Are you okay?”

You glanced up at the brother with the scar… Kaden was his name. “Hit me…” you commanded him.

He blinked. “What?”

“hit me… I must be dreaming.”

“Don’t you mean pinch you?” He asked.

“No, I mean hit me, because if I’m not dreaming, once you hit me, I will be.”

“Hey Deac!” Kaden shouted, looking over his shoulder. “She’s delirious.!”

Deacon glanced over at both of you as helped up Wyatt. “If she wants hit so bad, just hit her!” He called out, turning all of his attention back on the man with the wings… only, they weren’t there any more.

Maybe you had imagined it…

Once Wyatt was on his feet he stumbled towards you, taking a hold of your arm. “All right, let’s get her ready for the portal,” he said as he pushed passed Kaden… who, now wasn’t going to hit you any time soon.

Wyatt led you into a room just under the right half of the stairs that was barren of anything… not even a rug was on the floor. It was relatively small too, like some sort of closet but without clothes hanging in it.

"Umm..." You started.

"Just wait," Wyatt said quietly. You just shrugged and did as you were told and five minutes later a big huge vortex suddenly appeared before you in the place where the cement wall used to be.

“I'm not going in there!" You shouted as you began to struggle, surprisingly, for a seriously injured man, he was still strong.

"Oh yes you are!" Wyatt shouted back at you as he shoved you in.

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