"She's a Rebel" by Rougeberry

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Important Notes
I don't own Naruto.
This is an Alternative Universe.
I hope the summary doesn't outdo the story. :)
Chapter 1
She's a Time Bomb, He's a Tornado

The principal said your name as if the weight of the world was resting on his shoulders and you were spraining one of his arms by just being in his presence alone. The old man pulls a handkerchief from his pocket and dabs the sweat off his forehead with it. “I don’t understand, you’re normally such a quiet and smart student. I don’t understand… What caused you to attack your classmate the way you did? She might have to be hospitalized.”

Your hands, tightly laced together in your lap, trembled. You couldn’t bring yourself to look up at the principal, so you just stared at his desk in front of you instead. “I don’t know… I just snapped. I didn’t do it on purpose.”

“Snapped? Ha.” A scoff came from a short distance to your right. You glanced his way.

It was Gaara, the second year who practically ran the school. He was the school’s gang leader and all of the other delinquents didn’t make a move without his say so. It was also rumored that his family was a part of the yakuza and the principal owed them a huge debt, so Gaara could do whatever he wants at school and get away with it.

Despite having his feet propped on the principal’s desk with a lit cigarette in his hand, the principal didn’t give him a second glance. The older man looked back to you solemnly. “Nevertheless, your behavior was still very… Extreme and violent. How could you attack your classmate with a pair of scissors?”

You swallowed dryly and rubbed away the tears spilling from your eyes. The fresh scratch marks on your cheek burned when you did so. “She attacked me first! She cut my hair!”

After a short pause, the principal began chuckling quietly. “Hair? That’s what this is about? You can grow it back, it’s just hair.” The old man directs an amused glance to Gaara. “Women, huh?”

You felt sorry for causing trouble and maybe for hurting the girl who cut your hair without permission, but the principal was making you want to attack him with a pair of scissors.

“She deserved it.” Gaara said, startling both you and the principal. He spoke again after blowing a cloud of smoke in principal’s direction from his cigarette. “___ did nothing wrong. Let her go.”

The principal blinked at him and began stumbling for words. “But sir, she attacked another girl with a pair of scissors, a weapon! There were a lot of witnesses there who saw it, too!”

Gaara narrowed his eyes at the old man. “Are you going to take their word against mine? I was there. I have eyes everywhere. I saw everything.” Gaara said and looked over to you. “She forced you to defend yourself. Because of her, you’re suffering right now. She deserved every pain she received and more.”

You stared back at into Gaara’s unblinking pale green eyes stunned. A few long moments passed by until the principal cleared his throat noisily and you got the feeling that they were both waiting for an answer, so you nodded and looked back down to your lap. “Y-yes.”

Gaara took one last drag off of his cigarette and then put it out on the armrest of the chair he was sitting. “She was only doing in return what that girl did to her. It makes everything fair now.”

The principal made a face at the fresh burn mark made in the chair, but stayed silent.

Gaara stood up and pointed at the principal. “Fix this.” He turned to leave and then looked at you. “Let’s go.”


It was a regular day at school. It wasn’t going well, but nothing was going wrong either. You usually kept to yourself and the girls in your class weren’t so friendly, most of the time they did bother you just because you kept to yourself and wouldn’t defend yourself. There was always one girl in particular who constantly taunted you and made sure everyone knew she was present in class.

She wasn’t the prettiest or most popular girl, but she certainly could have been the loudest with the meanest attitude. She was always the one who tried to provoke you or belittle while everyone else mostly ignored you. You always brushed it off because you rarely ever got angry.

Today wasn’t all that different, she teased you, but surprisingly a guy in class had came to your defense and even gave you a compliment about your hair that the girl was teasing you about. That shut her up for a while until in the girl’s locker room, while changing for P.E., the girl came at you with a pair of scissors, cut off a portion of your hair and then laughed about it.

You had never been so angry before in your life. You, a person who had never tried to offend anyone or done anything bad to the girl, but were being attacked by her for no reason at all. If there was anything you valued more than your academic skill, it was your hair and not because you received compliments about it. She had no right to try to take it away from you.

The girl was actually quite pretty. How would she like it if her face was cut up, too?


When you get angry, hair gets pulled and someone gets cut or scratched, but when Gaara gets angry a building burns down and several people are injured. That was one of the many rumors you heard about him around school. He was infamous and not only in your town, but in the surrounding towns, too. It was also rumored that he got into a fight with a group of students from a rival high school’s gang in the next town, won alone and even broke the leg of some guy who tried to stop it.

The rumors about Gaara were infinite, and you’ve probably heard just about half of them. Since middle school, you’ve been in the same class as Gaara, (when he actually attends class), and only this year he was put in a different class as you. Aside from a few meetings in middle school, you never spoke to him and tried to avoid him.

The first time was when you were being dared by a group of friends to give him a gift on Valentine’s Day. You originally wanted to give your chocolate chip cookies to your crush, a popular boy in your class, but the girls were insisting it, so you gave them to Gaara. Honestly, he frightened you. You’d seen him in a fight once outside of school before and the sea of bloodshed was still a recurring memory when you looked in his direction. He didn’t say anything when you gave them to him and just glared at you until you walked away.

The second time was when you were being beaten up by the very same girls who were supposed to be your friends. You confessed to the boy you liked and he agreed to date you, which made your friends mad because they liked him, too. From a distance, Gaara watched the girls beat you up and then left when they were finished. Several days later when you returned to school, he approached you with a question.

“Why didn’t you fight back?”

“They’re my friends; I know they didn’t mean it.”

“Stupid… I hate people like you.”

That was the only time you talked to him since middle school, and further withdrew yourself from your peers when the guy you confessed to rejected you later.

What led Gaara to come into the principal’s office and save you from suspension or even expulsion was beyond you. Like the others, he had never paid attention to you until now, so what had changed? In the end, you knew that you’d have to pay for it.

School was long over, mostly all of the students were gone, so as he told you to, you got your coat quickly because he glared at you when you walked too slow, and went out with him into the school parking lot to his car. It was a cold day in early December and it had been snowing that morning when you came to school. It had stopped snowing by now, but it still had felt just as cold.

A lot of cars were still in the parking lot lightly covered in snow, but Gaara’s car, sleek, black and expensive looked as if he had just taken it to the car wash and then got it waxed. With a click of a switch, he turned off the alarm, unlocked the doors and looked to you expectantly. “Get in.”

You walked to the passenger side and then looked to him nervously. “Where are you taking me?”

Gaara narrowed his eyes and glared at you. “Get in.”

You hesitantly opened the door and slid onto the smooth leather seat. After you got in and shut the door, Gaara slid inside and started the car. He turned on the heat, (he wasn’t wearing any sort of layering other than the blazer of the school uniform), and heat quickly filled the car. You watched him as he slid out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, tap one out and light it up.

“Um…” You frowned when a puff of cigarette smoke floated to your side of the car.

“Stay by my side and no one will ever hurt you again.” Gaara said and looked over to you. “Become my woman.”

If you didn’t know any better, you could swear that he was confessing to you in sort of a twisted way. That would mean that one of the most feared students in your school wanted to go out with you and it didn’t sound like he was asking.

“I.. I don’t know..” You stammered, averting your eyes from him to your lap where you began to wring your gloved fingers together. “I don’t.. Really know you.”

“What does it matter?”

“It matters a lot,” You looked up sharply towards him to stress your point.

Gaara simply stared back at you for a moment before leaning towards you. You instantly realized what he was probably about to do, so you leaned away and began fumbling for the door handle behind you. Gaara slipped his hand behind your neck, pulled you forward and kissed you solidly on the lips. You froze up, not at all sure how to respond so you struggled against him and tried to push him away, but he hung onto you and eventually forced his way into your mouth. You resisted and resisted some more until giving up and giving into the sudden feelings washing over you.

Seconds passed by like minutes and the minutes passed by like hours and Gaara broke away as soon as you were really starting to get the hang of it. Without a word, he put the car in reverse and then steered out of the parking lot. Lightheaded, you stayed silent throughout the entire car ride.


For DesertRose who guessed the correct song title in Sir Marmalade. =D No, it’s not over, this is only the first part. I had a lot of ideas to do for this GaaraxYou pairing and the first wasn’t an AU, but I really wanted to write dark or at least semi-dark Gaara in a high school setting.

This was supposed to be a oneshot, but then I changed my mind because I just couldn’t pack everything I wanted in just one shot. So there’ll be more parts after this. :D

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