"Pretty" by Kamisori

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Chibi Gaara is cute!
You smiled with closed eyes as the sound of the darkened desert filled your young ears. Some sort of animal howled to the almost full moon in the distance. The swing your five-year old form sat on creaked in contrast to the distant howl.

You opened your big eyes, and gazed at the starry sky. The abundant stars twinkled at you. You grinned widely at the speckled sky. “It’s so pretty!” you awed.

“Is it?”

You jumped off your swing and spun around at the new voice. Your heart thumped rapidly against your chest. A muss of red hair caught your attention. Light green eyes met your own. You frowned at the boy.

“You didn’t have to scare me!” you whined as you set a hand on your heart. Its beat slowly returned to normal. The red haired boy looked sad.

“I didn’t mean to…” he spoke, quietly. You blinked your large eyes and tilted your head.

“I guess it’s ok, but don’t do it again!” you said, in a scolding tone. The boy blinked before he nodded in agreement. You smiled as you saw something in his hands. “That’s a cool teddy bear!” you innocently squealed.

The boy grinned as he held out the stuffed animal. “You want to hold him?” he asked, shyly. Your eyes widened in excitement as you nodded your head with vigor.

“Yes! Please!” you said, smiling. The boy with light green eyes grinned wider and gave you the teddy bear. You held it and smiled at how soft and cuddly it was. After a few moments passed, you gave the boy his toy back.

“Thank you,” you said. “I am (Name), by the way.” The boy smiled, broadly.

“My name is Gaara,” replied Gaara. You tilted your head, again.

“Gaara…” you slowly tested the name on your tongue. Gaara seemed to grow nervous when you spoke his name and nothing else for a few moments. You suddenly grinned widely.

“I like your name, Gaara! It’s pretty!”

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