"Bazooka Failure" by ShadowQueen1815

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Prologue: HIBIRD!!!!!



What is normal? A mundane life, no surprises, nothing out of the ordinary happens, and there is no such thing as bazooka wielding toddlers. Oh how you craved for a life in the norm. You would gladly trade you mafia filled life for something more… normal!

Though it really is your own fault that you’re in this situation to begin with. You should’ve just ignored the explosions coming from the shopping center; you never would’ve been dragged into this mess. Damn your curiosity.

Ever since then you’ve been shuffled around with the rest of your “normal” friends. From fighting the attackers of Namimori to being on the supporting side during the Varia fight. And how could you forget the ten-year bazooka incident when everyone was transported to ten years in the future to fight the Millefiore Family.

Yeah… life was… normal…

Of course you should’ve been expecting it. Lambo trying to kill Reborn and Reborn easily defeating him, making the cow baby pull out his purple bazooka. So imagine the surprise of everyone when Lambo shot himself with the bazooka and nothing happened.

That’s right. Lambo disappeared.

… Fuck…

It was obvious that there was something wrong with the bazooka. Perhaps Lambo hadn’t switched with Adult Lambo and a paradox occurred? Five minutes had passed. No Lambo. So your “boss” being the good “boss” that he was, did the only logical thing. Run around in circles scream for Reborn to help him. Yeah… No-Good Tsuna.

The outcome of Tsuna’s panic attack? Reborn kicking him in the back of his head and both of them falling into the bazooka and firing it. After Tsuna disappeared Gokudera immediately grabbed the bazooka and started yelling at it for making the Tenth disappear. Yamamoto and Ryohei gathered behind Gokudera and for the third time that day the bazooka went off.

Now here you were. Wondering why your life couldn’t be normal. The purple bazooka lay on its side in the middle of the school yard. You were thinking of leaving it, but that thought was immediately brushed off as you thought of all the stuff your “normal” friends had done for you. The least you could do was grab the bazooka and find some way to bring them back.

So you did the most logical thing you could’ve done at the moment. You took the bazooka and went off to Kokuyo Land hoping that perhaps, perhaps… Mukuro would help. Who were you kidding though? Mukuro would probably want something in return, like hell he’d help you for free. And with Reborn gone you had no way of contacting Dino or anyone else to help you with this situation! So Mukuro it was… unfortunately.

Luckily, or unluckily, you didn’t have to go far. Apparently Mukuro decided to mess with Hibari today, so the two were on the roof of the school fighting each other. It was a suicide mission going up there. But… you owed Tsuna and everyone.

This is why you found yourself standing by the door of the roof watching the two fight each other. Both probably knew that you were there, but were choosing to ignore you. You were fine with it. As soon as they would stop fighting you’d quickly question Mukuro before he’d disappear. But like so much other stuff that happened today why should it end happily with everyone coming back home?

As the fight carried on, Hibird fluttered down landed on your shoulder. You hadn’t been paying attention to Hibird, which is why you freaked out and accidently threw the bazooka in the air as Hibird flew over to Hibari and landed on his head.

The prefect looked pissed off at his fighting being
interrupted. Mukuro was amused at your reaction to Hibird.

You had quickly run up to Mukuro, being careful to keep Hibari in your line of sight, trying to explain to him what happened and that you needed contact info. Hibari was slowly stalking over to you and you noticed the deadly look he was giving you. But before anything (bad) could happen the bazooka came flying down from the sky… and engulfed all three of you.

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