"Tea Time" by Bleu Wales

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So~ I was drinking some delicious vanilla Chai Tea when I thought this up. I'm sure Kanda drinks tea since he's Japanese and all...not that I'm being stereotypical or anything! At least I didn't mean to be. ^^U I felt Yu was completely OOC but, hey, it's my first time writing for him. Enjoy~ R&R
(Rewrite): So I've rewritten it to make Kanda more in character. I hope it's better.
Disclaimer: I do not own D. Gray-Man but I DO own Kanda Yu
Tea Time

You hummed quietly to yourself as you prepared the tea. Kanda was sitting quietly at the table in your small cottage. How you had gotten Komui to build a home for you on the edges of the mountaintop that the Black Order sat on was beyond Kanda. You had probably blackmailed him. That seemed like you. Although, why he was presently sitting at your kitchen table was as much a mystery to you as your cottage was to him.

Over the last few months, Kanda had been coming over to your cottage for tea. You would make some tea and you would both drink in a comfortable silence. The first time he came was by force from Lavi when you had invited the rabbit over for some tea. After that, Kanda seemed to like your tea and kept coming back whenever he got the chance. He usually came over after his training. Probably to relax, you had speculated.

You used his company to try out new and different teas you collected from your journeys around the world. As an Exorcist, you got to do a lot of traveling and got many discounts on things. So it was no surprise when you came back from a mission with a boxful of different teas.

Currently, you were making Vanilla Chai Tea. You were afraid that he wouldn’t like it, seeing as how Chai Tea was generally served as a very sweet tea. He had told you many times before when you offered him sugar and cream that he didn’t like sweet things. Maybe he would like it after having tried all of the different teas you had made for him. Some of them were also sweet, but you found you liked bitter teas better so this Chai Tea was kind of a new thing for you and him.

You put the teabag in the teapot and put the teapot on the burner. Kanda was still silent as he sat in the corner, glaring at the hard surface of the table in front of him. You looked at him for a moment before smiling slightly and walking over to the table. You sat down across from him and reached for your needlepoint of a seashell. Kanda finally brought his eyes off of the table as you started sewing, watching as your fingers nimbly pulled the needle through the fabric, creating patterns as you did so.

Feeling his eyes on you, you looked up, fingers still working at the stitching. His expression was a bit less...glare-y than how he had been looking at the table before and you took this chance to try to start some conversation.

“How are things, Kanda?” you asked quietly, meeting his eyes.

He looked back down to the table, glare hardening again. “Hn.”

You looked back down at your work. You hadn’t been expecting much of an answer anyway. However, it surprised you when he continued.


You blinked, a bit surprised he had actually said something that counted for an answer, but beamed at him nonetheless. “That’s good. I’ve been okay as well, but it’s really hard to be happy in times like this.”

He said nothing more and continued to stare at the table. You gave up conversing with him and focused on your needlepoint more. You noticed that your pattern was becoming a little crooked and sighed, pulling the stitches out to re-stitch them later. Right then, the teapot had started whistling and you placed your needlepoint down, careful of the needle, and made your way over to the stove. You moved the teapot over to one of the back burners to let the tea steep.

You turned to the cabinets and opened them, seeing the teacups resting on the top shelf. How they got up there, you had no idea, but it’s not as if it was a really big deal. You stood on your tiptoes and stretched yourself, straining to reach the cups. Your fingers brushed the side of one, tipping it slightly and it fell off the shelf and landed safely in your palms. The second cup went through the same retrieving process and you placed them gingerly on the table and went to pull the milk and sugar out of your fridge.

When you opened the fridge, a small chunk of ice flew out of the freezer section and landed on the floor. You squeaked and jumped back when it flew out, but laughed at yourself when you realized what it was. Kanda was looking at you strangely and you laughed again.

“I’ll clean it up later.” You took the milk and sugar from the fridge and placed them on the table as well.

The tea had had plenty of time to steep at this point and you took the teapot off the stove, beginning to move back to the table. However, you stepped on the piece of ice from earlier and slipped. In disparity to catch the teapot, you grabbed at the bottom but hissed when you earned some nice burns on your palms and fingers. The teapot crashed to the floor, spilling its contents all over the once-clean tiles. You were too busy being in pain to care anyhow. Tears built up in the corners of your eyes and you made all the muscles in your hands taut, trying to ease the pain somehow.

Strong hands grabbed your upper arms and pulled you to your feet roughly. Then they brought you over to the sink, flipping on the tap and guiding your hands under the water. Your eyes were squeezed shut tightly as the water stung the burns slightly, but you didn’t need to see to know to whom those hands belonged.

Kanda’s hands were rougher than your own and they weren't as gentle as you'd like. The water was shut off and your eyes opened as he wrapped a towel around your wet hands. He was looking down at you with a small flicker in his dark eyes.

“Baka…” he said quietly.

Then one hand was moving under your chin and tilting it up so that your lips met his. It was a very hesitant kiss, so much so, that you almost had a hard time believing that it was actually happening because Kanda was anything but hesitant. Finally, you responded, pressing your lips harder onto his. He countered, becoming a bit fiercer before pulling away slowly, his face still dangerously close to yours. You were blushing brightly and he, too, had a small dusting of pink across his cheeks.

“Sorry I ruined the tea,” you apologized.

“I don’t like Chai Tea anyway." Kanda said.

"So I burnt myself for nothing?"


From then on, tea time became your favorite time of the day.

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