"Unrequited" by akahey

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Ehh. It's too short to be labeled as a "drabble." .___. Oh, well. I had written this a long while ago, and I had Kanda in mind at first. But it seems to work much better with Allen. So, let's go with that.

Because of Vampire Ninja's lastest review for "Color Me Crazy," I would like to dedicate this to her. :3 (After all, you had unwittingly reminded me that I had this written down somewhere.)

I love him.

He loves me not.

She loves him.

He loves her back.

She smiles at him.

He returns it.

She warmly laughs.

He silently laughs with her.

Her hand brushes his.

He grasps her hand.

Their lips touch.

They love it.

I hate it.

(Stupid Lenalee.)

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