"AHHHHHH!!!!" by Bleu Wales

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I just watched episode 22 and there was so much yelling going on between Momo and Kamio that I found hilarious and began yelling along with them. Then, this drabble-ish thing was born. Plus, Seiichi needs more love. *nodnod* Please enjoy~

Notes: [1] Random name I came up with/ stole from Karate Kid.

Disclaimer: I do not own Prince of Tennis. Only Yukimura Seiichi


You heard the approaching yells and swiftly turned to investigate. Coming from behind you were two boys; one that you didn't recognize riding a bike and a player from a rival tennis team of your boyfriend's, Kamio, it was, running along beside him. They were both yelling at each other for some unknown reason and seemingly trailing after some guy with rollerskates. The man on skates expertly dodged you and continued on his merry way. The boys, however, were too engrossed in their shouting to even notice you.

Flailing, you turned and began running before they could plow you over. Their yelling could be heard quite clearly behind you and your legs and ribs began aching from the prolonged sprinting. Why couldn't you have done track instead of tennis? You got tired of the shouting before long and decided to do some yourself. So all three of you were flying through the streets, screaming the entire way.




When you turned the corner you spotted a tennis supplies shop and ducked inside, still caught up in the moment and yelling. A familiar head of navy hair caught your eye and you ran over, yelling and orbiting the boy at the same time.


Yukimura and Ryoma blinked at the momentary distraction from their battle over the racket tape. You finally calmed down enough to cling to Yukimura, panting and wheezing. He had a slightly worried expressionon his face when you began to speak.

"Oh, Seii-kun! It was terrible!" you cried. "Kamio and some other terrible boy on a bicycle chased me for five blocks! And they were yelling at me, too!"

Okay, they were yelling at each other and chasing some dude but why bother with the little details? Yukimura held you by your shoulders as you continued to try and catch your breath.

"Why would they do that?" he asked softly.

As an answer, you hugged him tightly around the middle. "I think they hate me!"

He pat your head in an affectionate way. "I'll talk to them about it later, (Name)-chan."

"Okay. I just - ooh!" You were instantaneously distracted by a package sitting on a shelf near you. "Mr. Miagi's Super Special Racket Tape! [1] I've been needing some of this!"

You slipped away from Yukimura and picked up the package, skipping over to the register and paying for it. The other four boys watched this, three with looks of horror-slash-confusion and one with a glare. The store owner nervously handed you the bag and you chirped your thanks.

"Come on, Seii-kun!" You grasped his hand and pulled him out of the store with you. "Let's go -"

The same rollerskater from before breezed past you and you squeaked when you heard more yelling. Two more boys were heading straight at you, yelling with excitement. You began running, dragging Yukimura along beside you.




Seriously, what the heck?

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