"Steal" by Straw

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Once again, originally written for a friend on DA, just because she was having a hard time.

I tried to do it in present tense this time, which felt a little weird. I'm still not sure whether these are supposed to be written in present or past tense or if it really even matters. Enjoy the one shot!

The staring is beginning to bother him. The young blond man shifts uncomfortably, but continues to do his homework. He is on the floor, stretched out on his belly, and still wearing his school uniform even though it is getting dark outside. Even though he can’t see the person from where he is, he can still feel their relentless gaze.

The minutes stretch out and still TK receives no break. Though he refuses to meet his tormentor’s eyes, he can tell you have not moved at all. Finally, he flinches and looks up.

“[Name], what are y–”

“Finally!” you cry triumphantly. You swoop down from your position on one of the room’s chairs and snatch the white bucket hat right off TK’s head.

“Hey, give that back!” TK laughs. Instead, you stand up and place it on your own head. TK spots a flash of orange from the corner of his eye and then Patamon lands on the hat now in your possession.

“Sorry, TK,” the small digimon chirps.

“Oh, what, so you only love me for my hat?” You and Patamon look at each other and grin.


“Sounds about right.”

“Okay, that’s it.” TK pushes himself off the carpet and lunges at the you. You easily side step him so that he practically tumbles onto his bed.

“Gonna have to be faster than that, TK!” you call as you run out of the room. TK laughs again and proceeds to chase you out of the apartment and into the hall.

The shouts and giggles echo in the empty hallway until TK manages to catch your wrist and pull you into a hug. You chuckle and attempt to pull away again, but TK holds on, pushes the hat up slightly, and kisses you on the forehead.

“Fine,” you sigh after a minute or so of silence has passed. “You can have your hat back.”

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