"Deadly Sin" by Timeless_Serenade

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Yoko: This is just to satisfy my craving for incest. But ...there's a secret going on. Let me know if you start catching onto the secret. ;D

I own my characters. :D

It was so wrong. But it felt so right with his hands on her hips, lifting her onto the counter of the kitchen, the cool marble pressed up against the flesh of her thighs, her red skirt hiking up. Her black blouse was half undone, showing her black bra underneath. Light green eyes skimmed over her form, drinking in the sight. How he loved to see her like this.

Yet, it was wrong. And they both knew it. But neither one seemed to care as they pushed each other closer, wanting more, sharing body heat. Dimitri wanted her more and more as each second passed. And it seemed like Bianchi wanted it too, from her actions.

Dimitri’s conscious was trying to tear him apart, trying to tell him not to go through with it. That someone would see and they would be caught. But, alas, it did nothing as she took off her shirt and chucked it across the room.

Yes, it was a sin.

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