"Questions" by Straw

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Trying to put some more up here. :)

I apologize if Byakuya seems off. I find him hard to write romantically. He's so stoic.

In other news, I should totally be writing my 7 page paper for Survey of Fine Arts...but where's the fun in that?

Byakuya watched as you walked slowly around the room, clearly trying not to let your excitement show. Though the pair of you were no longer outside and your breath was no longer coming in short, misty puffs, you still had his scarf wrapped around your neck and your fingers running along its silky length.

You did not seem to notice that he was watching as you looked around his room, a smile playing at the corners of your mouth. But however happy you were to be there, the room was entirely silent.

You finally stopped to look a picture placed on a shelf above a delicate white vase. You stared at it for a moment, eyes quiet and still for once. Finally, you spoke:

“Is this your wife?”

Byakuya blinked and moved from where he had been standing by the door to stand behind you. He looked over your head at the picture. After few minutes of silence, he answered:


Your fingers wrapped around the edge of the scarf again, almost absent-mindedly. You looked up at the man standing near you.

“Do you still love her?”

There was a longer pause this time.


He was surprised to see you grin at his answer.

“Good,” you said as you turned back to the photo. “I wouldn’t want to be dating some jerk who doesn’t have any feelings for his wife!”

Byakuya watched as you continued to study the picture, so much more serious than you usually were, but still with the ghost of a smile on your lips.

Yes, he still loved Hisana.

But maybe, just maybe, he loved you, too.

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