"Carmine" by Resurii

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Woohoo, Gojyo's turn!

... I feel so cliché! (you'll all see why once you read this chapter). If I promised someone I would write Gojyo, please remind me, as I forget things sometimes.

Hope you guys like it!

Don't own Saiyuki.

P.S. Yes, the girl is you.
"Hey, look!" Goku pointed ahead to the approaching town. "There's a lot of people! What're they all doing?"

"It looks like a mob..." Hakkai noted quietly.

"Mob, huh?" Gojyo rose from his seat in the back to get a better look, prepping himself for another fight.

Sanzo grunted from the passenger seat. "They're beating someone up."

Goku's face went from excited to solemn in a flash. "Hakkai, can you see who it is?"

The older brunette did not slow Jeep down. "It's a woman." His face blanched when he realized...

The group watched as the young woman broke through the mob of villagers and tried to run out of the town.

The deep red color of her hair flashed in the sunlight.

Gojyo leaped out of Jeep as it stopped, running toward the fleeing girl and the chasing crowd. The girl saw the stopped Jeep and collapsed to the dirt in defeat. Gojyo summoned his shakujo as he stopped in front of her, setting it against his shoulder lazily.

The mob caught sight of him and stopped abruptly, though their glares didn't waver. They spat insults as they dispersed and the four men were left alone with the girl.

Sanzo merely watched from the passenger seat. Hakkai had gotten out of the driver's seat and was slowly approaching. Goku had bounded over as the last of the crowd left, goggling at the girl's red hair and eyes. Gojyo stared, his body language screaming awkward and unsure.

Goku was the first to reach for her, holding out his hand. "Hey, are you okay?"

Her bright garnet eyes glistened up at him with fresh tears and by some kind of miracle of boyish Goku charm, her hand grasped his.

Behind Goku, Gojyo turned his head so that his anguished expression went unnoticed. Damn he hated when women cried.

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