"Of Wolves And Rabbits" by MagicalTear

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Tear-chan: Yay! Another story!!
Kibou: And this time, we're the protagonists!!!!
Kage: It was actually a request from GuardianAngel07...
Tear-chan: I hope it's of your liking!!! I'm not sure I got the personalities right....
Kage: Jeremy Whiteman rightfully belongs to Angel-onee-chan.
Kibou: Come on!! I want them to read me!!!
All: Enjoy!!
"Kibou, Kage, you'll be meeting someone today!" Tear-chan said excitedly as she watched her small wolf friends.

"Meating? What does that mean?" Kage asked shyly, not actually getting the word right.

"Is it like some kind of meat feast?" Kibou asked excitedly, his eyes instantly sparkling at the word 'food'.

"That's not what--" she started to explain while sweat dropping, only to be interrupted by the doorbell ringing. "Coming!" she called before heading to the front door.

However, once she opened the door, she was left paralyzed on her spot. Standing in front of her was a bickering pair, one of them being her longtime friend Angel. The other one was a young boy of about 12 years old dressed in a white button-up under shirt with a heart embroidered handkerchief on the neck, green shorts, brown boots, a long red coat, and a red top hat with a blue rose on the left. The most extraordinary thing from that kid was that he had EARS. Two long white bunny ears sticking out of his top hat.

"This wouldn't have happened if you had stopped drawing when I told you to!" the cute bunny-boy was telling her friend in frustration, a small tick mark appearing on one side of his head.

"But we're not even that late!" Angel-onee-chan retorted, her own tick mark popping by her temple.

"The thing is that we ARE late! Two minutes and thirty six seconds late!" the boy said outraged, waving his arms around exasperatedly.

"Ahem, is it necessary for me to intervene?" Tear-chan finally managed to interrupt, still watching owlishly the scene playing on in her doorstep. The two friends slowly turned their heads to face her, not having actually noticed her standing there.

"Ah! Tear-chan! H-Hi!" Angel-chan stuttered quickly, waving sheepishly at her host as a bead of sweat rolled down the side of her face out of pure nervousness.

However, the cute blonde's cheeks were quickly covered in pink from the embarrassment he felt from having been caught arguing with the older girl. Not being able to find his voice, he took a few steps to the side and hid behind Angel shyly.

"I'm glad you could make it!" Tear-chan greeted them, sending them a toothy grin to inspire confidence. "Please, come on it!" she said happily, taking a couple of steps back in order to let them in.

"Okaa-san!" both wolf cubs yelled from the living room, making Tear-chan to sigh anime style. She motioned her friends to follow her as she led them towards the source of the scream, actually starting to think that it wasn't such a nice idea to introduce a rabbit to a pair of wolfs.

"We are ready to eat!" Kibou said happily, waving his puffy tail around to express his feelings. The three friends had confused expressions on as they watch the two wolfs, mostly because they had bibs hanging down their necks and their food plates were resting by their front paws.

"E-Eat?" Angel-chan asked aloud, tilting her head to the side as if to arrange her ideas.

"You don't want to know," Tear-chan replied, running her hand down her face in shame. "Minna, meet Kibou and Kage," she introduced her two wolf cubs, motioning towards the light blue one first and then to the light gray one. "Boys, meet Angel-chan and…" she suddenly trailed off with a sweat drop forming at the back of her head. She had just remembered she didn't know the young boy's name!

"Oh! Sorry, my bad!" Angel-chan exclaimed, rubbing the back of her neck sheepishly. "Minna, meet Jeremy Whiteman!" She said happily, pushing the blonde boy forwards before hugging him tightly.

"Angel-chan…" Jeremy whined, glaring off to the side as a small blush covered his cheeks. It's not like he wanted to give the impression of a baby.

"Aw, but you're just so cute!" she chanted, tightening her grip on the boy. He yelped as he felt his lungs running out of air, flailing his arms around desperately. Tear-chan sweat dropped as she watched this, but fortunately it didn't last too long. The moment Jeremy was released by his *cough*creator*cough, he was bombarded by exclamations and questions from the two little wolves, allowing both girls to talk calmly.

"So…you want cookies?" Tear-chan said randomly, watching amusedly how the poor rabbit held his hands in front of him, trying to calm down his two new little friends.

"Sure!" she chirped happily, following her younger friend to the counter. However, she stopped short and turned to see her friend, a worried look suddenly covering her expression. "I don't think he's going to endure that much longer…" she told her friend, actually worried about making a scene in her friend's house rather than for the sake of her friend.

"What do you--" Tear-chan started to ask, but was interrupted by loud yelling.

"CAN WE EAT YOU NOW!?" Kibou yelled in frustration, clinging onto Jeremy's red coat with his sharp claws.

"NO!" Jeremy finally snapped, a big anime anger mark suddenly appearing at the top of his head as he glared at the cubs. Both girls sweat dropped, knowing just too well their 'kids' so to say. Tear-chan was actually surprised at the turn of events because of a word-misunderstanding. Meeting with meating? Only a pair of wolverines like them would think about food before friends….

But, that's probably the unique way of meeting, or should it be meating, of wolves and rabbits.

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