"Missing" by Straw

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The door opened with a quiet whoosh and the two tall women stepped into the room. They were greeted by a complete disaster. It looked as though a typhoon had gone through the control center of the Malone Base, and at the center was a young man with long red hair. He had not noticed the Cervellos’ entrance and was still spilling things out of every drawer he could get his hands on.

“Irie…Sama?” one of the women finally found the voice to ask. Irie looked up, eyes wild, but he appeared to relax a little when he recognized his visitors.

“Have you seen my MP3 player?” he asked, a desperate edge to his voice. The Cervello caught each other’s eye, but both shook their heads. Irie moaned and threw out the contents of yet another container.

“I have to find it!” he shouted as he threw random (and generally expensive) electronic devices behind himself and into a growing pile. The Cervello watched for a few minutes, apparently too stunned to do anything else. Then one spoke up again:

“Did you check your room?”

Irie froze. Inwardly, the Cervello sighed.


Irie dashed off to get his music, leaving the Cervello to clean up some of the mess. By the time he got back, they would probably be done. That was Cervello efficiency for you.

The door opened to his darkened room and he was about to flip the switch so he could begin searching there when a strange shape in his bed made him stop. Irie left the door open as he strode into the room.

When he walked to the other side of his bed, the lump was revealed to be you. You were fast asleep, face half-buried in his pillow, with his headphones covering your ears. The cords to them snaked along toward your hand. You had a loose grip on his MP3 player, even in your sleep.

Irie smiled and shook his head.


Irie walked more slowly toward where he had began the evening. The Cervello blinked at him when he walked into the room, and, as one straightened the last pile of books, she asked:

“Did you find your MP3 player, Irie-Sama?”

“What?” Irie asked as he settled down in front of the computer again, “Oh, I can live without it for one night.”

The Cervello could only blink at each other.

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