"Simply Proved Him Wrong" by Rhei

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I know that I am suppose to start on the next fic for 'What's In A Name?' but I have a good reason! X3 This is for my best friend of 5+ years~ That, and because I took the H1N1 vaccine yesterday and my left arm(the place where I got the shot) swelled up. Should take around 2 days for it to go down. So I decided to write something short for you guys instead and let the poor thing rest. Anyway, enjoy and please review~ X3

Disclaimer: Amano owns the characters, everything else belongs to me. Yes. That includes you! j/k X3

Simply Proved Him Wrong

“[Name]-chan?!” Tsuna slid open the door to your private hospital room with slight panic. Reborn, Gokudera, and Yamamoto were right behind him. The entire gang stepped further inside when you turned and gave them a small smile.

“Hey guys~!” You greeted the four male as if nothing had happened. Their expressions changed the moment they saw how heavily injured you were. Your forehead and neck area were bandaged in white cloths, while your right leg and both of your arms were in full casts.

“Oh, are we playing some type of doctor game?” Yamamoto laughed his cheery laugh and everyone sweat-dropped, including you. That baseball-lover could be quite dense.

“Why are you so badly wounded?” Reborn questioned and everyone’s attention shifted back to you. Yamamoto also stopped laughing. He had a puzzled look on his face instead.

“She probably did something idiotic again,” Gokudera snarled at you with his arms crossed.

“No I didn’t!” You retorted. “That violent prefect beat me up.”

“H-H-Hibari-san did??!!” Tsuna sounded like he was freaking out by what you had just said. The others only seemed to be surprised.

“Who else is capable of hospitalizing me?” You gave Tsuna a blank glance. You continued on before any of them can disagree. “But all I did was simply prove him wrong!”

“For Hibari to hit a girl to this degree, what exactly did you prove to him?” Reborn jumped on your bed and stared straight into your eyes. You were probably just paranoid but every one of them inched a little closer to you at that query.

“Well, you know how he always calls us ‘herbivore’?” you began slowly, exchanging glances with your company. "I took the liberty to show him that I wasn’t an herbivore.”

“How...?” Tsuna inquired unsurely. He wasn’t too confident in hearing your reply.

“I ate that little bird of his,” you answered nonchalantly, oblivious to the horrified looks upon their faces. “Then I personally returned the bones to him.”

“I am amaze that you managed to survive.”

End Notes: Anyone think that I should write angst to de'crack' this silly mind of mine?(All I've written are cracks) This plotbunny forced itself into my head when I was eating a Swiss Roll. Don't ask how I linked a sponge cake to KHR! and Hibari O__O

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